I sat in the middle of the church with my family. Every Sunday we come no matter what. The altar boy slowly makes his way up the aisle. His coal black hair is shaggy a needs a cut, but his amazing green eyes seem to glow in the candle light. I could see the end of his black slacks under the robe her wore. His eyes catch mine and I smile and wink. He smiles wryly back and continues his job during the service.

When the morning service is over, I stand with my family but do not follow.

"Nikki dear, where are you going?" My mom asks, her straw blonde hair up in its tight bun and her blue eyes dull from age.

"I'm just going to speak to Father Gregory. I need some spiritual guidance." My mom nodded and herded my father and younger brother out the door and to the ice cream shop down the street. Their Sunday tradition, but not mine. I have my own. I waited for the church to empty then made my way down the aisle and knelt before the altar. Bowing my head and clasping my hands together I seemed to pray. But I was waiting. Waiting for him. I felt a hand on my shoulder and looked up smiling. There he was.

"Hello Jay." I said, he smiled back and helped me up.

"Hello Nikki." Smirking, he caught the back of my neck in his hand and tilted my face up to meet his in a searing kiss. His lips massaged mine in an erotic dance that had my head spinning. His rough finger tips traveled from my hips to UN tuck my shirt. But before he got too far, he stopped and pulled me into the nearest room. The DOOR Shut behind me and Jay was ravaging my mouth with his once again. Slowly her UN buttoned my shirt and slid it to the floor, my skirt following soon after.

"Not fair, I mumbled into his lips." Jay pulled back a smiled.

"I don't see anything wrong." He said dropping his lips to my neck and nibbling his way down my throat and chest. I gasped as he gently tugged on my bra with his teeth.

"You're fully clothed, and I'm almost naked."

"Mmm, I actually see no problem there." He mumbled into the cleft of my breasts. His tongue slipped out of his mouth a circled above my bra. With a moan I grabbed his hair and pulled his lips back to mine. I felt him smile against my lips at my frustration. His fingers tickled down my hips and around my back. He drew small circles on my lower back and sent shivers up my spine. With a growl I tugged at his shirt buttons. A couple popped off and the rest came undone. His silk shirt pooled in a heap next to my clothes on the floor. His chest and abs were made of iron covered in the softest silk. With my finger I followed the planes of his chest and abs down to his slacks that have become tight around his waist band from his swelling cock. I fumbled with the belt buckle as Jay slowly took my bra off with his teeth. I gasped as a blast of cool air hit my pebbled nipples when he got the scrap of lace off my body.

One of his hands came up and cupped my right breast, his thumb pressing down on my nipple while his mouth took over the other. Jay's tongue was the most skilled I had ever come across, it flicked over my nipple then pushed it into my breast. I moaned and lost the belt I had finally gotten undone. Dropping my head back, I let him give all his attention to my breast for a moment. I was becoming increasingly aroused as Jay made me easily turn to goo. I was in a haze of lust when his other hand cupped my wet panties. I shrieked in surprise, coming back to my senses and pulling Jays face away from my breast. His hands although continued to tease me with butterfly touches. I brought my lips to his a snagged his lower lip between my teeth and gave a light tug. Jay groaned deep in his chest.

My fingers were back on his pants, undoing the button and zipper. I could feel his throbbing cock through his pants and boxers. His pants dropped off his hips with ease, I ground my body into his and he bucked into me. Slipping m fingers down his boxers, I wrapped my fingers around him and gave a slight squeeze. Jay moaned and dropped my breast and let his other hand leave my panties. He pushed them against the door of the room, bracing himself. I smirked and slowly ran my hand up and down his hard shaft slowly and lightly. He groaned more and let his head drop back. Taking my chance, I bit his neck and left a hickey for the world to see. My had never ceased its movements up and down. Slowly I kissed my way down his chest and abs, stopping to dip my tongue into his navel. Slowly I dragged his boxers down over his hips and down to the floor where he obediently stepped out of them. Smirking, I looked up at him. His face was blank, but his eyes were full of lust. I looked back at his penis and watched a pre cum slowly dripped out of his engorged head. I swirled my tongue around his head then slowly sucked him into my mouth. My hand was still pumping him at his base as my tongue massaged the rest of him. His groan told me he liked what I was doing to him.

One hand came off the door and held my hair at the back of my head. He bucked his hard cock into my mouth and hit the back of my throat. I pulled away and looked up at him again. His was chewing his lower lip trying to stay quiet. I picked myself up a little higher and pushed my breasts together for him. He slid his hard cock between my breasts and the tip into my waiting mouth. I let him control the speed; I just sucked and licked his head. He thrust again and his cum filled my mouth. I sucked hard and pulled more out of him. Jay sat back on the bench behind his and gasped.

"Where did you learn that?" He asked me, his face flushed. I just smiled and gently ran my finger up and down his thighs, resting my mouth by his softening cock so my breath gently rushed over his balls.

"Just thought I would try something new." I said with a wry smile.

"Well, I'm not complaining." Jay said, standing and gripping my shoulders to lift me up. "My turn now." I had almost forgotten about my wet panties until he rubbed my clit with one finger through my panties. I gasped and my knees buckled. Jay caught me and pushed my panties down my thighs and to the floor. He then moved me around to sit on the bench he had just vacated. He spread my knees apart and cupped my vagina, pushing his palm into my clit. My head flew back and hit the wall, but it didn't hurt. I was to far gone in lust. One finger slowly dragged around my sexual lips and circled my clit. It was relaxing until he pinched my clit between his thumb and forefinger. I gasped and moaned and his began rubbing my clit with his rough fingertip. I felt his hot breath on my thigh, which was the only warning of his tongue. He lapped up and stray juices and he rubbed my clit harder and fast. His tongue dipped into my vagina and them came right back out. I shuddered and pulled his face away.

"You can't do that." I gasped. Jay smirked and nodded, then brought his other hand up and buried a finger into me. I shrieked and bucked my hips harder on his fingers. As he brought that finger out, he added another and another. Three of his fingers were pounding in and out of me at a quick pace. He added his tongue again and sucked my clit into his mouth. I came with a shout and writhed in front of him. He pulled back smiling and grasped my hips to pick me up so he could sit with my on his lap.

"Dammit Jay, I don't bounce back like you." I moaned.

"I think you can." Was all Jay said as he began massaging my breast with both hands and nibbling the back of my neck. I sighed and let his do what he wanted to me. I could feel his cock getting hard between my legs and soon it was standing erect, pushing on my clit and sliding between my sexual lips. I moaned as I became wet again. "Told you." He mumbled into my neck, biting me before pulling away and turning me to straddle his lap. I thought he was going to enter me, but he slid me behind his hard cock to tease my clit with its hard head. I moaned and kissed Jay hard on the lips, our tongues swirled in an erotic dance that had me grinding my hips into him. He groaned into my mouth and sucked my tongue before lifting me up again. I reached down and grabbed his penis, putting the head to my vaginal lips and letting him slowly lower me onto him.

He stretched me and pulled me hard onto him. I shrieked and bit into his shoulder to keep from being to loud. His cock was large, to large I thought as the searing pain cut through me. But as I got used to the intrusion, the pain turned to pleasure. He took my hips in his hands and pushed me away, then pulled me slowly back onto him. My vagina swallowing his length and clenching as he brushed the bundle of sensitive nerves. After a few painfully slow strokes, I lifted my self off his and let myself almost drop again. The combination his pushing and pulling became faster harder and I lifted up and dropped down more. I heard his labored breathing as he grunted with the force he was putting into his thrusts. The sound of him so close to cumming made me push all the harder. With one last hit to that bundle of nerves, I came with a shuddering cry into his shoulder and clamped so tightly around him he gasped. A few more strokes from him and he emptied his seed into me. My vaginal muscled milking him until he couldn't cum anymore. We both collapsed against the wall behind us. Jay's hands slowly caressed my back and arms.

"We can't stay here much longer. Father Gregory will be back soon for confessionals." Jay said, his breathing still slightly rough. I only nodded and pulled myself off of his soft cock. Semen dripped down my leg and onto the floor. We both laughed breathlessly. Slowly we dressed in the small room, exchanging kisses and touches every few seconds. It was a wonder we made it on time. Jay kissed me lightly on the lips on last time and left.

I sat back down on the bench, making sure to keep my clothes clean. The door to the other room opened and clicked shut. Then a small sliding door opened next to my face. The iron grate hid our faces, but Father Gregory knew our voices.

"Forgive me father for I have sinned." I whispered like I was actually sorry.

"What have you done my child?" He asked in just as low a whisper.

"I have given into temptation." Was all I said.

"The lord understands and forgives you my child. Pray hard and live well under his grace and you shall never be alone."

"Thank you father. Good day." I said and left the confessional booth. Smirking to myself. No way in hell was I sorry about having the best sex ever. Until next Sunday, I was free of sin, as I always would be.