Emerald green, that was the color of the dress for my senior prom. Not your normal color, especially for a red head. But my mother insisted I look 'amazing' in it. Her words not mine. So let me explain a little bit about myself. My name is Sawyer Brown, yes I'm a girl named Sawyer so get you chuckles out now. I'm an 18 year old girl living in suburbia with no desire to stay there. I grew up in a big house on a big lawn in a big town in the big state of California. My mother was a pageant queen for her entire childhood, winning crowns at almost every one. My father is a big shot lawyer for the state and travels with our politicians since it seems they can't keep themselves out of trouble. So I was stuck at home with my very girly mother who aspired for me to be just like she was. My first pageant I was disqualified for sitting on the stage in my very expensive gown and refusing to walk down the small runway and spitting out my teeth caps. So needless to say my mother and I weren't on the same page with who I wanted to be.

A little more history on me? Of course! Let me tell you about my childhood and teenage years! With my shunning from the pageant world and there for the entire female population at Morningdale Academy, I found my place with the boys. My best friend, Caleb Collins, has been there for me literally since the day I tore my skirt off and jumped into a pool of testosterone. That my friends is a story for another day though. But I grew up with broken bones, bruises, scrapes, and any other injury little boys usually came home with. I had pet frogs from the pond behind my house, snakes from the garden, and of course spiders from the patio. As I grew into my teenage years I lost baby fat, or well it migrated upwards to my chest leaving me with nearly a C cup by the age of 14. Luckily due to my male attire for the most part I went unnoticed by the lusting teenage boys' radar. That was until the pool party at Caleb's house… Again, a story for another time. I'm just going to say that when you get pushed in the mud they don't want you in their pool in dirty swim trunks. So presto changeo, I'm in one of his older sister bikinis and nothing was ever the same again.

Caleb was the only boy who stayed by my side after my 'coming out' as it became known as. Most of the school had been there so word about my 'slamming body' and 'sweet ass' didn't take long to spread. Either way, for the last three years of my high school life my only friend was Caleb. Because now the girls hated me and the boys wanted to do more than I was willing to with them. So my sad life consisted of growing up with a group of boys, then with one boy, and now I am an 18 year old tomboy in a dress ready to go to my senior prom with Caleb. Am I the only one who thinks this sounds wrong?

"Sawyer! Stop fidgeting!" My mother snapped as she put make up on my face. I cringed and tried my best not to cause her to poke my eye out with her torture tools. I sat in front of my mother's make up mirror and slowly watched as my usually messy pony tail was curled and crimped into an 'elegant ballet bun' with coils of copper dropping down my bare shoulders and upper back. Then came the makeup, black gunk around my eyes and on my lashes, gold on my lids, red on my lips, and pink on my cheeks. I was a damn artist pallet!

"I've been sitting here forever!" I growled and shifted in my seat again.

"Oh give it up, this is the only time I'm ever going to get to make you up. Unless you get married, then I have rights to that day too." She said and put more gunk of my face by my eyes. I sighed and just waited out the torture.

"Okay I'm done, now it's time to get you into your dress. Caleb is going to be so excited!" She squealed and bounced on her dainty feet as she pulled the gown out of its bag. I allowed my mother to help me into the tight fitting dress before I looked at myself in the mirror. The dress was styled as a fitted bodice that intensified my already apparently good figure and pushed the swells of my breasts into two creamy knolls. The tightness of the bodice stopped at my hips and rolled out to just above my knees where the silk fabric showed off my toned legs. I never thought in a million years I would say this…

"I look hot." Yes those were the words that jumbled from between my very red lips as I gawked at myself in the mirror.

"I don't want to hear that nasty word! You look gorgeous!" My mother scolded but couldn't keep the smile from her face. She fluttered around me for a few moment adjusting my hair and dress before Caleb got here. Fuck, Caleb! I didn't even think about what his reaction was going to be!

I'm not going to lie, my best friend is hot. And I mean smoking hot and so sexy it hurts hot! He is captain and quarterback of the football team, captain and center of the basketball team, and captain and pitcher of the baseball team! He stands well over six foot three, has jet black hair that is slightly shaggy at all times but well-kept so you don't notice it. Then there are his eyes, they are a dark green that makes my dress look white. His body follows his captain title. Tight, toned, and drool worthy! His skin was always slightly tanned due to a distant Native American relation on his mothers' side. He is the high school heart throb for every girl at some point in time if not all through their school years. And what really tops it off that only I know about? He's a virgin still! There may be a hundred rumors going around that he is most definitely not a virgin but he is. We tell each other everything, and the moment when either of us loses it, the other will know within hours. Yeah, we are that close.

I was lost in thought about what Caleb would think when the doorbell chimed through the house and my mother darted to go meet him as our maid opened the door. I took a deep breath and slipped on my small black heels and made a few more practice passes across my mothers' room before attempting the stairs for only the second time in them. I didn't look up as I descended the stairs, concentrating too hard on placing my feet fully on the each step so as not to fall. My eyes lifted the moment I was on the hardwood floor of the entry way and I'm sure my jaw dropped to the floor. Caleb looked good all the time, but in a black tux with an emerald green tie he looked delectable. His wide shoulders were framed in his fitted suit and tapered gently to his not too thin to too thick hips then followed a straight line over his legs to his shiny black dress shoes. When I finally brought my eyes back up I saw what could have been my own expression on his chiseled face. His mouth hung slack as his eyes dragged up and down my body from toes to head many times. My mother cleared her throat and shook us both from our stupors straight into the first awkward silence since Caleb found out about my first period.

"Sawyer, you look-" Caleb started

"Weird I know." I cut in and blushed slightly.

"No, you look beautiful." He said and I thought I saw color come to his cheeks before he cleared his throat. "Oh and I have this for you." He added as my head did a double take at his words. Caleb brought out a red rose corsage that tied onto my wrist by a black silk ribbon.

"It's beautiful." I whispered as he gently took my wrist and tied it there.

"It's is nothing compared to you tonight." He countered immediately. I blushed again, not at all used to this side of Caleb. This must be what other girls heard when he flirted with them. Now don't be looking at me like I'm a jealous friend, I may be attracted to the guy but I would be gay if I wasn't. And no I have nothing against gay people, I have a cousin who is gay and I love his husband. But I am not jealous, and you know why? Because I am the one going to my senior prom with him! So suck on that bitches! Ahem, anyway. I'm not jealous.

"Jeesh Caleb, slap on the sap why don't you." I mumbled half-heartedly. Caleb laughed his smooth, easy laugh that had the ability to make me smile no matter what was going on in my life. He was my rock and that was why I loved him.

"Oh come on Sawyer, you know you love it when I share my charm with your sexy ass." He purred and waggled his eye brows. There's the Caleb I know, crude and rude with a hint of charm.

"Yeah baby." I said with a snap of my fingers before we both broke out laughing.

"You ready to go?" He asked and offered his arm. I smiled and hooked my hand through his elbow.

"Not at all but if I say no you will just drag me out anyways." I answered with a sickly sweet smile. Caleb laughed and we bid my mother goodbye as we headed out to Caleb's car, a 66 Mustang convertible that took him eight summers of mowing lawns and other odd jobs for people to save up for it. To say he loves this car would be an understatement. He said it comes second to me, and he left all our old friends to stay friends with me. Now that is saying something.

The drive was short, only about 10 minutes through town after getting on the main road. I was chewing my lip nervously the entire way. Caleb chuckled and took my hand in his.

"Will you stop stressing out? You look fucking amazing." He said with a smile, looking me straight in the eye as we sat at the only stop light before school.

"Who's stressing? I'm not stressing." I almost squeaked. This only cause Caleb to laugh louder as he pulled away from the intersection.

"Why do you bother lying to me?" He asked with a grin, not expecting an answer as he pulled into the parking lot. Jumping out of the car he opened the door for me and offered his arm. With a roll of my eyes I accepted it.

"You don't have to pretend we are a couple at this thing you know." I said as we walked through the main doors to hand our tickets to one of the girls on the prom committee.

"For tonight, I'm not pretending." He said with a wink and pulled me further into school towards the gym. Pounding music assaulted my ears as we neared the double doors and I felt eyes on me as I walked. I really wish I could show you the difference between me then and me now, because then you would fully understand what I meant.

I was completely uncomfortable with all the leering going on as the boys from school saw me in this dress. Unintentionally I moved into Caleb's side for protection from the looks, and his arm dropped mine and wrapped around my waist to sit his hand on my hip. The heat from his palm made my skin tingle and his fingers rubbed my hip bone gently. Whoa wait. Where the hell did that come from! I wanted to pull away, but as I took the step Caleb pulled me back firmly against his body. Looking up I found him sending the death glare at every male in our vicinity that was looking at me in any way other than curiosity, which was most of them. So taking a deep breath and pulling my big girl panties on, I fell into the role of 'the date' and made no move to leave Caleb's side for the remainder of the night. What really scared me was how easily I fell into said role.

The entire night I acted like I was with Caleb. I let him pull out my chair, get me punch, hold my hand, danced with him, and leaned into his body instead of away. I even let him kiss my forehead and cheek a couple times! I was going crazy! Caleb is my best friend! I shouldn't be this close to him! And under no circumstances should I allow him to lay his lips on me! Even though they were soft and warm… NO! This was not right! I should be in jeans and a t-shirt sitting on my couch playing Call of Duty with him! Not letting him kiss me-. My internal argument was cut off as Caleb tugged me up for the last dance of the night. He pulled me into his arms and held me closer than I would have liked.

"So was this a completely horrible night?" He asked me softly as we circled slowly on the dance floor with the other couples. I took a minute to think about the night and how it had gone, and it surprised me that I actually had a nice time. We sat with a few people who I could still speak to, mostly 'nerds' but I like them. They were always nice to me and never judged. I smiled, I laughed, I had a genuinely good time.

"Actually I had a really good time tonight." I finally said after a few moments. "I didn't think it was possible, but you made this night pretty damned awesome." I added with a smile as I looked up to him. His green eyes threw out a heat I had never seen before and I felt the effect of it between my thighs. This was not right.

"Good I'm glad." He mumbled softly.

"What about you?"

"If I do what I have been wanting to do all night I'll have a night to remember." I must have looked confused because he chuckled. "Don't worry your pretty little head about it. Just go with it." And with that, one of his hands cupped my jaw and his lips connected with mine in a tentative kiss that took every breath I ever breathed from my lungs. I, Sawyer Brown was being kissed by my best friend in the world. And I liked it. Caleb pulled away but not far, his lips were centimeters from mine, his eyes still hot as he looked down at me. I could see it in his eyes, written on his face. 'Your move'. That was what he always said to me when he left something up to me. Usually it was about a game or what we were going to do for the rest of the day. But this, this seemed so much more important. So I closed my eyes, stood on my tip toes, and kissed him back. I, Sawyer Brown, kissed my best friend back.

When we separated for the second time, Caleb was smiling from ear to ear. I probably had a similar look on my face because he laughed and tugged me out of the gym and to his car. I was hazy minded at the kisses we shared on the way out. He would randomly stop our walking and crush his lips against mine. Just as I was gaining my bearings he would stop, pull me along down the side walk and keep going. This was crazy! When we got to his car he pushed me against the passenger side door and kissed me thoroughly. His lips rasped against mine as his hands gripped my hips to keep my body close to his. I found my fingers knotting in his hair to keep him from pulling away anymore and I moaned as his teeth nibbled my bottom lip. So Caleb took this opportunity to enter his tongue between my teeth as I gasped for air. He explored every corner of my mouth, leaving no place undiscovered. I was mewling as his taste invaded my senses. I was becoming an addict to his smell, his taste, and his touch. There was no turning back, and for once I wasn't thinking of why I should be doing the things I am and thinking the way I am.

I circled my lips around his tongue and sucked gently while dragging my teeth over the top. Caleb groaned and it sent shivers vibrating through my body and rippling back to my core. Caleb ripped his mouth away from mine and slowly began kissing and sucking softly down my throat and across my bare shoulders. I gasped for air and tilted my head back as he nipped at my throat. When he came across the sensitive part of my collar bone I moaned fairly loudly into the starry night sky. His lips continued their ministrations along my neck and shoulders as his hands drew up to the underside of my breasts. I gasped in pleasure as he lifted slightly on them and cause my peaked nipples to rub against the inside of the dress. Slipping my fingers under his jacket, I gripped his shoulders and pulled him back to me. I kissed him with every fiber in my body, letting him know how hot he was making me by trying to bring then exact same feelings to him. I delved my tongue into his mouth as I dragged my fingers down his chiseled torso. I could feel his muscles bunching beneath my touch through his thin button down as I pulled it from the waist of his trousers. As soon as skin on skin contact was made, Caleb growled and took over once again. He kissed me hard as I let my fingers flow over the contours of his stomach, and follow the soft line of hair to his waist.

Caleb jerked back from me and opened the door. I got in without further encouragement and he rounded the front of the car before getting in and taking off as fast as he could. I was left panting in the passenger seat, left with time to think. I had just made out with my best friend since forever. I had enjoyed making out with him, and if the bulge in his pants meant anything he enjoyed it too. But what did this mean? Did I love Caleb? I guess I always loved him. Even if it started out as friends, moved to brotherly, somewhere along the line I apparently fell in love. Because as much as I tried to tell myself otherwise, this seemed right, him and I, we just fit. There was nothing weird between us right now, no tension, unless you count the sexual tension, no nothing. We worked together as much as it scared me see, we were going to happen.

Before I knew it Caleb was parked in our spot by the creek where we used to go fishing when we were younger. The stars and moon lit up the car and I could see him looking at me. He leaned over a kissed me so softly it hurt. I felt everything in that kiss. Love, regret, loss, everything we had experienced together all rolled into one just for me. So I kissed him back with all the feelings I had rolling around inside my head and body to let him see. One hand cupped my face and the other pulled the pin from my hair to let it tumble down my shoulders. The soft ringlets bounced slightly before they were taken up by his hands as his fingers weaved through my hair to hold me closer. I sighed at the perfection of it all. Caleb moved to the middle of the bench seat and I rolled to straddle his legs as our kisses once again heated up. Luckily the top was still down or I would have hit my head.

My hands gripped the rolled muscle of his shoulders and pushed his jacket off them. Caleb let go of my hair and removed it completely before tossing it into the back seat. His tie followed soon after as my fingers began nimbly unbuttoning his shirt. Caleb's hands ran down my back and cupped my bottom in both palms before squeezing gently. A soft moan escaped from my mouth at his action before his fingers found the hem of my dress and slipped up my bare legs. I gasped as his fingers caressed me inner thighs at the edge of my panties. My nails dig into his abs and he snarled into my mouth. It was no time later and his shirt was gone, and my mouth licked, sucked, and kissed as much of his tight skin as they could reach.

Caleb's hands left my thighs and I moaned angrily. But his hands moved up my back and began slowly unlacing the bodice of my dress. His movements were definite and sure, he knew what he was doing and he was taking his sweet time doing it to. Letting his fingertips caress my bare back as he removed more and more of the delicate chord that has kept my dress up. He ripped the last length out and the top of my dress sagged down to my waist, my breasts falling free of their silken restriction. Caleb's warm hands traveled up my sides, his thumbs drawing twin lines up my stomach, as he moved to cup both my breasts in his palms. I moaned at the attention and arched my back without knowing what I was doing until one silken bud was pulled into his mouth. A sound I can only describe as a scream was released from my lungs as he sucked and nibbled on the tip of my breast. The other one was not going uncared for though, as his fingers rolled and pulled gently on the others nipple.

My breaths came in short gasps as he finally pulled away to give his attention back to my mouth. One hand stayed firmly attached to the soft mound of tissue while the other traveled back down to slip under my dress and head straight for my hot center. His thumb rubbed across the taunt nub between my legs and my hips bucked into him. My moans kept him going as his thumb rubbed circles against my clit, my hips moving back and begging for more pressure. I could feel my insides coiling like a snake ready to strike, feel the dampness seep through my panties onto his thumb, so I knew he knew. With an aggravated groan I dropped my hand to his straining member beneath his pants and rubbed him through the fabric. Caleb moaned loudly and suddenly a ripping sound let my now my panties were now somewhere on the floor of his car. One finger ran up the slickness of my vagina before circling my hard clit. Then in one smooth stroke his finger was inside of me. I cried out and writhed against him at the feeling of being invaded by another.

His thumb began rubbing in circles again as his finger thrust in and out of my body. My hips bucked to meet every thrust of his finger as I became tighter and tighter. The hand currently on his engorged cock was not dormant however and was rubbing and squeezing gasps from Caleb. He groaned as I stopped but pulled back from our kiss as my fingers undid his pants before reaching in to grab the hot rod of silky soft flesh. I had no idea what I was doing, but his reactions let me know I was doing it right. He held my eyes as a second finger plunged in with the first for a few stroked before the third one was added. One of my hands came up to balance myself against his shoulder as the tempo of his thumb increased, allowing the spring inside of me to come undone.

I cried out as my orgasm took over my body. Every muscled tensed as my vagina shook around his fingers, asking for more. Liquid spilled out over his fingers slightly and he used it to make his thumb circle easier as he slowed down. I was gasping for air still as Caleb pulled his pants down to his ankles before pulling out bare hips together. His iron hard cock rubbed along my slit as he aroused me once again.

"I have waited so long for this. I love you Sawyer. I have always loved you. Even before all that shit at the party. I wanted you for so long." He gasped out as I wasn't the only one being affected by his rubbing.

"I love you to Caleb. I never knew it, but I know it now." I whispered and kissed him again. Standing up on my knees, I aligned out bodies together before slowly sliding down on his thick shaft. I cried out as tears pricked my eyes, but they never fell as Caleb kissed them away and supported my hips so I could relax my muscles to accept his, rather large, intrusion. Slowly I was seated fully on him to the hilt. Our bodies melded together, chest to chest, hips to hips. And just as slowly as we connected, we began moving.

Slow thrusts eased the sting and brought on pleasure. Caleb held my eyes the entire time as we moved together. Him thrusting as I lowered my body back to his. All the pain was gone now and it was only pleasure left. A moan escaped my lips as he hit a sweet spot along my channel, and that was the end of slow. Caleb gripped my bare hips in his hands and began thrusting his hips up and pulling me down to meet every stroke. All I could do was dig my nails into his shoulders and ride it. The slap of our bodies meeting was a glorious beat as he buried himself in my body fully with every stroke, hitting that spot and bringing my stomach into a tight mass of coils once again. I was so close to the edge, just one touch and I would be done.

"Caleb. Please." I pleaded and he just smiled.

"Please stop?" He asked.

"NO!" I cried out as a single tug made my body jerk. I was so close to finishing that I was almost in tears. Luckily for me Caleb didn't feel like torturing me any longer and let his thumb pass over my straining clit. I screamed as I came around his still thrusting cock. My body so tense I couldn't control the spasms rolling through it. Caleb came shortly after with a growl as he exploded into my body.

"Fuck." I heard him groan as he noticed the lack of protection.

"Pill." Was all I said and he relaxed against the seat, pulling me with him to lay my head on his shoulder.

"I'm not going to let you have it so easy next time." He whispered in a raspy voice that sent my nerve endings on high alert. The fact that he said next time sent my heart fluttering in my chest. He wasn't going to leave me. He was still going to stay.

"As long as we try this in bed next time I don't care." I whispered back. Caleb's body shook as he chuckled into my hair that had fallen over my shoulder.

"You say that now, but I'm going to have you begging by the end of the night." And just like that I was hot again.

"You wish." I teased.

"Why do you bother lying to me?"

And just like that I lost my virginity with my best friend, to my best friend, in the front seat of his car.