Kallie Siscoe

Driver's Ed

Dream Car

Due 9-5-08

Dream Car

Most everyone would love to have a car that's perfect for them (also called a 'dream car') but—A dream car? Ha! You've got to be kidding me. No, not really. It should be clear enough, right? It is, after all, the title. Is not. You're lying. Look at it, you weirdo. Oh. You're just evil. Very much so, yes. Now be quiet. This is an introduction. As I was saying . . . a great majority of teens have dreamed of the kind of car they want when they finally get their driver's license. But that isn't exactly true on my part. Got that right—Hush! As long as I get a car, I'll be fine. (And she forgot to introduce me—how rude! I'm her "dream car" she's supposed to be ranting about. You can call me Percy if you'd like.)

Since purple is my favorite color, my car would definitely have to have something to do with the "cool" color scheme. (Which includes blue, green, and purple, by the way. Though I'd prefer some shade of black.) Stop interrupting, I was getting to the good part. My dream car won't only have all the "cool" colors, but it will also have black racing stripes (just to make you happy, Percy, however stupid it may look). It's sorta cool and all, but what kind of car? Oh . . . I didn't think of that. Most likely a truck, actually. Since my dad drives one and it's pretty sweet anyway. What do you think of that? Dangit. I was hoping you'd want a Lexus. You're so mean to me! Phooey. You get to be whatever I make you. Deal with it.

Before you go and ruin the interior of your "dream car" (also ME), I think I deserve a little say in this, here. Sure, go ahead. Yay! Okay, first, you'll need to put a hot pink leopard print steering wheel cover on me. Second, I want a seat cover for the driver's side. And it has to be dark red and—hold on there. Those don't even match! And I don't care what's in the car as long as I can play music. It doesn't matter to me. You're just weird. Tell me something I didn't know. I am talking to you, aren't I? True. Exactly. So, what's in the car doesn't matter much at all, as long as I can plug my iPod in and listen to some awesome Skillet songs. Uck, they're horrible. You just have no taste. Now be quiet. Oh, and the only other thing I'd want is a radio. I mean, what if my iPod doesn't happen to be charged at the time? I've got to be able to listen to something, or I'd go insane. Yeah, like you are now, right?

So why is this my dream car, Percy? Because I'm your dream car and you love me, that's why. Well . . . yeah, that too. But seriously, I meant. Oh. In that case, because it has your favorite colors and you get to listen to your precious music—yeah, that's pretty much it. And I think it's pretty realistic and not much to ask for. A basic truck (yeah, basic huh? Last I heard, you really wanted a Ford F150, or whatever it's called) that's some shade of purple, preferably dark, and has an iPod hook up and radio. Yay, it's perfect! Is not. I'd rather have a black and silver Lexus with a hot pink steering wheel cover and—just forget it. You're impossible.

So, yeah. That's her dream car. (Pretty dumb, huh?) It is not, you're just—you agreed to let me do the conclusion! It's my turn. Now you stop talking. I did not agree to—stop that! Now, I'm Kallie's dream car and apparently she won't be happy with me unless she gets this "truck" she's so excited about. I didn't say that.And you're awesome anyway, Percy. I'd like you no matter what. Aw, thanks. Maybe I'll make you happy, even if you do get a hot pink—anything but that. So there's my dream car. His name is Percy, and he obviously loves the colors black and hot pink. But I'll love him no matter if he's a truck or a Lexus. Well, at least you're nice about that. But you're still weird.