Like crystaline waters,

Pooling at my feet,

Trickling through the cracks in the pavement,

Trying to cover the earth

A thin layer of certainty...

Rising up

Clinging to my skin

The fire put to rest,

Lies dissolve to thin air,

And clarity stings more than ever.

It carries silence as it fills my mind,

Washing away everything I built myself to be,

Letting my hair flow like seaweed through the waves,

Grasping for something to hold onto,


When it hits you, nothing feels real-

You want to live on like you did before drowning in its icy depths,

But its impossible.

Impossible to move on and pretend.

Try to escape from the pool of truth,

But you'll still be drenched to the bone.

Nothing is real anymore,

Because by the time it stops pouring over you,

You're ready.

To open your eyes,

Open your lungs,

And let the truth flow in,

Pulsing into your veins,

Freezing your heart still,

Freeing you from the corruption.

Once and for all,