Stay with me…stay with me…

Guilt and grief

Scream without a sound into the night

At the peaceful lamplight

Heavy head and failing heart

Is this the start

Of my falling apart?

Trying to find you

Need I remind you

I am alone again?

Slipping to and from my dreams

I see you in the twilight

Kissing moonbeams

Teach me how to fly

God is glowing in my eye…

Darling, you must excuse me

And my irresponsibility

My mind's not what it used to be

But how clearly I can see!

Praise my creativity!

And yes, yes it's true

My behavior worries you

But the Lord works in the strangest ways

And I'm feeling oh-so vibrant these days

Please sit back and enjoy the view

And I'll write a beautiful metaphor for you


But oh no, there it goes

Dizziness screws my evening flow

Where, where, there you are

My brightly shining star

And when you're near

Skip a beat, skip a beat

Stay with me, dear

Stay with me…stay with me…

Morning again, it's sunrise

Painfully open my eyes

I don't remember exactly, but at any rate

It's too late

The room smells of rotten liquor stores

Surrounded by empty drawers

I'm finished and done, then

Walk to the desk and find myself a pen

A gift from you

Oh, you

After this, I'm going to Hell

Straight to my cell

But before I go

I'll give them something real to know

"Hello, my dear friends and others

Salutations, my parents and brothers

I'm writing to those I hold dear

For when you find me here

I go by the name of Harrison Thumb

And sometimes my stage name Dum-Diddly-Dum

But moving on, I digress

Written below is my reason for distress

I was a poet of unmatched skills

Drop those rhymes faster than most pop their pills

And I've been no stranger to fortune and fame

Even fell for a girl named Angela Tame

Her time in my life has been quite significant

Being as beautiful as she was eloquent

But boy did I let it all get to my head

Night after night, nearly drank myself dead

It helped me dream and from that came a rhyme

It only felt good so I noted no crime

But my heart was locked and she couldn't get in

And ignoring your love is surely a sin

And in the midst of my transcendental sight

She packed her things and vanished in the night

And she'll never be back again

Left alone with my pen

I've never been one for apologies

Or less exciting possibilities

So that's all the yarn I have to spin

The sleep of reason lets the monsters in

At the shot of the gun and the ring of the bell

Harrison Thumb is going to Hell."