Claudia -- Poem


First Verse

Her blonde curls
remind me of ringlets
Her pale skin glows at night.
Her bright eyes flash anger at me.
Her clear nails, shine in the moonlight
Her evil thoughts that made her
do bad things [wrong?]
now she's gone
and now she's gone.


What can i do?
i can't save her
save her anymore.
The evil thoughts
that caused her
to do bad things.
I can't save her
can't save her
--no more---after 4th verse.

Second Verse

Her pale skin glows at night
Her clear nails shine in moonlight
Her bright eyes, [how they] flash at me.
She opens up her mouth
and leans over, leans over me.


Third Verse

The teeth i see
are long and sharp
they glisten in the moonlight
She opens her mouth wider
she's leaning over, leaning over me.


Fourth Verse

The pain is sharp
My blood flowing out of me
She licks my skin
and drops me
to the, to the ground.