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Today was Dylann Trainer's first day of High School. He was nervous, and slightly excited. He had previewed all his classes today and now he was headed to the gym, which was his last hour, to prepare his locker.

Dylann was small for a freshman. He was more than small, he was puny, fun size, paper thin. He has grubby blonde hair that caressed his, slightly too big for his head, ears. He has adorable eyes that resemble a basset hound unnervingly. He has an adorable smile that lit up his face when full blown but his normal grin was shy and meek. He looked in the mirror that morning trying to decide if he looked any older this year. His face kind of looked more mature. He wasn't entirely positive though. He was certainly glad that he went to a small school. He feared that in a big school he'd be in a locker more than his book bag. He went into the locker room and put his folded uniform in his locker that was convienantly tucked in the corner of the room. Only he and hobbits could get low enough to obtain its contents. He locked it up securely and was the first one out of the locker room as he sat on the bleachers by himself. He twisted his hair, bored, as he waited for the bell to ring. Finally it clamored and he stumbled down the bleachers and to the freshman hallway. He had finally made it to high school and his first day as fresh meat was over and done. He luckily didn't have anything he needed to take home so he broke through the doors swiftly and eagerly and found his old, gray BMX bike. He rode home blithely with his head in the clouds imagining all the fun high school would have in store. He felt more free now that he was in high school, like he could do anything.

Dylann's best friend Adam rode up quietly beside him.

"Hey, you like your classes?"

"Yeah, they seem good now."

"Yeah, they seem good when there's no homework along with them." Adam turned the corner quickly, his dim yellow hoodie flashed away. "See ya bud."

Dylann continued on unflinchingly. He reached his small white home. Everything he owned or was a part of seemed to fit him perfectly. He threw his bike to the ground to mingle with the other junk on the unkept lawn.

He flew through the screen door and saw his mother in her dingy blue bath robe making, macoroni and cheese it smelled like. He stood in the doorway of the kitchen for about five minutes before he gave up on his mom talking to him about his day. He would have to wait for dinner he guessed. He went to his tiny, clothes strewn room and plopped on his bed. He took a happy note that his feet caressed the foot board now. He might actually be growing! He smiled to himself and got up to measure himself on his wall. He got out a permanent marker and carefully formed a line where the peak of his head reached. He turned around excitedly and surveyed his work. He grew about an inch it seemed.

Dinner came and he ate all he could of the mac and cheese. His mom seemed to be wandering in her own world that had no relation to the one he resided in. Dylann had already finished his meal and was tapping his fork against his bowl, contemplating how to break the silence. His mom gazed drearily into her bowl and got up quickly without finishing even half of it. Dylann heard the television start up monotonously and he pushed his itch to talk to the back of his already jam packed mind. He set his alarm and went to bed eagerly awaiting for what the next day had in store.

Dylann's alarm rang in his ear and he bounded out of bed. Dylann was peculiarly chipper in the mornings. He saw no sign of his mother as he prepared his cereal but he shrugged it off. After washing up and putting on clothes he set off to his first full day of school.

The previous day was a half day and even though he was excited to be in high school, the day did seem to drag on a little bit longer than hoped. All of his classes held nothing of big importance. The teacher's had already gotten into homework and test mode. Adam was definitely right about the classes being better when nothing atually happened. Also, much to Dylann's dismay Adam was not in many of his classes. Adam seemed to be in the smarter classes but they had English and U.S History together.

Dylann flung water up to his face in the locker room after finishing an intense game of kickball. He was, no doubt, the smallest guy in gym and he felt like he ran more than anyone. Not to mention, he made a fool out of himself when he succesfully kicked the air but missed the red ball that resembled his face quite accurately for about ten minutes. It had been a long day and he longed for some food and his comfy bed. He already had two tests lined up for this week, a novel to read for English, To Kill a Mockingbird, and a project for Science.

Home proved not to be a place of solace when he returned. He warily searched the house for his mother and found no trace of her anywhere. He looked in the cupboards for dinner and succumbed to the cereal again. After cleaning three bowls of Honey Comb he unloaded his bookbag on his bed and set to work. He easily fell asleep with Scout prancing in his dreams.

The next morning was not kind to Dylann. Luckily, since he was generally a morning person, he woke up with just enough time to zoom on his bike to school. He didn't really care about his appearance too much, so that didn't bother him as much as the fact that he left his English novel on his bed. Luckily, his friend Adam shared with him during class and the teacher didn't seem to notice. He failed miserably at his math test. This wasn't a good sign since they were basically just doing a review of things they should already know. Other than that, more than anything, his day was boring. He rode his bike home slower and much more crest fallen. So far, things have not gone as he imagined them.

Luckily, when he got home his mother was there, actually that should be unluckily, when he got home his mother was there. She was sprawled on the couch awkwardly as a steady stream of drool came out of her snoring mouth. Dylann ignored her and ran to his room, plopping down into his bed. To Kill a Mockingbird pressed into his lower back mockingly. Today was not at all like how he had gloriously imagined his freshman year to start. Though he was slightly depressed now, he tried to wave those thoughts aside. He still clung onto the hope that things could get better. This was just one day, he shouldn't let it be an indicator of an entire year. He peeled the book out from under him and started his reading assignment feeling slightly better. Sure today had been pretty bad but there were going to be bad days, so what? There were also awesome, fun days that would follow, he was positive of that.

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