Author's Note: This is Lirriea agian with a new story. This story is one that me and my brother are doing together and going to turn into a book. We really would like to know what you think of it. Bye. Review.


Long ago a sword was forged by the empirieal elf called Viasco Dedela Gama. He had it hiddnen away where no demon, mage, or elf could touch it. He swore that one day a boy and a girl would come to possess the sword and keep it safe. He also foresaw that and evil wizard would kill a loved one.

For years the sword remained untouched as the land changed. Races came and fell as did their civilazatons. The elf that forged the sword was killed in a great battle. Soon many people learened of the sword but none could find it. Soon after the elfs death two new races came into play.

There was the race of vampires with their unatrural beauty and immortality. Demons and humans didn't like them because they sucked blood and where almost industructible. They had no known enemy besides other vampires. But about a year after vampires came along another race was born.

It was the race of werewolves. With their ability to turn into wolves they were quite a mystery. The humans were relieved when the werewolves vowed to protect them from all the evil vampires. The werewolves realized that all vampires were evil, just some of them.

And this is were our story begins, with such two clans of vampires and werewolves.