Emo Chenel

Emo Chenel is always pouting
Her favourite songs are always shouting
Makeup drowns what is left
Of her pretty face
That is shown in ten thousand
Angles on Myspace
(HeartStruckToPieces is her top friend
She constantly adds all the hot bands)

She licks the remains of her shattered spirits
Writes out her biography in song lyrics
Was in love with a boy
Who didn't know she was there
That is, of course
Until he cut his hair

Emo Chenel sees life as catastrophe
So each day she rewards apathy with atrophy
Sitting at her computer like a clod
In love with the men in her iPod

Yet again comes the sun
New day is new pain
To the computer she runs
For the drugs that it gives
To solve is to blog
To blog is to live