Just a poem about a star... written for a poetry magazine. I lost TT.TT

'Cold Beauty'

Silent and white, dark and bright,

You've arrived, my dear Cold Beauty.

One by one, when the sun is gone,

You come and play, dear Cold Beauty.

You live, though you have not a breath of life.

You shine, though you give meager light.

Cold and quiet, you see all.

Though seldom can see you, sweet Cold Beauty.

You've seen war, victory and death.

Truth and lies, you'll guide them all.

Through the weatherworn streets and rain.

Do your duty, faithful Cold Beauty.

There you watch, with silver eyes.

Smile and shine, pure Cold Beauty

Righteous and brave, you hold the light.

Hold it high, loyal Cold Beauty.

Though some seek warmth throughout their lives,

My treasure is right above me.

Just keep shining, believe with all your heart.

You're the brightest star, bright Cold Beauty!

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