Everything Else
A/N: This is the edited version. This chapter has been edited, rewritten, re-vamped - whatever you want to call it.
I finally got the inspiration to fix this story. It has so much untapped potential, and as a writer I should give this my all instead of just half-assedly writing whatever comes to mind.


"No, Jesse, I won't go out with you!" She turned around and gave the boy a death glare, though it did little to derail him.

"Come on. One night. One movie. I'll pay for everything!" He jogged to keep up with her as she quickened the pace to a fast walk.

Up an escalator, down a small flight of stairs. Into the music store. Out ten minutes later, with a new album. Into a nondescript store, and out. To the restrooms, where he stood awkwardly, waiting for her to come out. She emerged an twenty minutes later, flustered and sick of his persistence.

"No! I won't, okay? I won't, won't, won't," She hissed, startling him. Their faces were inches apart. He tried moving his face forward to kiss her, but she jerked back and strode into Starbucks instead. His face fell, and he finally seemed to have given up. And then... he turned and followed her.

"Okay," he let out a sigh, and she almost felt sorry for him. Almost. "Just tell me: why not? Why not, huh?" His bottom lip jutted out in a sad excuse for a pout. "Why not? I've done everything for you. Okay, fine, I haven't done anything for you. But only because you won't let me. Let me. I'd do anything. Everything. Come on! Why not?"

She paused, left without a leg to stand on. There really wasn't anything wrong with Jesse, except that, well… she wasn't attracted to him. But she didn't want to hurt his feelings - she wasn't that cold-hearted.

"I won't go out with you, Jesse," she swallowed the lump in her throat and thought of an excuse - any excuse. "I won't because… because I'm a lesbian!"

And that's where I come in.

It was a horribly executed idea, really. I mean honestly - what girl tells a hormonal teenaged boy that she's a lesbian in a desperate ploy to get him to leave her alone? I wouldn't; would you? Yeah. I didn't think so. Even more so, what girl tells a hormonal teenaged boy that she's a lesbian, and then doesn't have a way to back it up? Seriously. She was in a mall, surrounded by mountains of boys and girls (not literal mountains, of course; that would be weird and homoerotic, in a gross Family Guy way) that didn't know the slightest about her and wouldn't be able to support her claim. And it wasn't like she could grab a strange girl, and ask her to pretend to be her "girlfriend"… right?

Yeah, I didn't think so, either. But God, this girl really likes proving people wrong.