You left home when I was four
maybe your hug was warm as a sunlight
kissing my cheek, making me blush
or maybe you told me a thousand tales before I fell asleep
on your lap and after you caressed my hair.

But in reality I don't remember much about you,
so sometimes I must invent some stories about us;
things like riding bikes in the park
or having lunch in a nice restaurant.

Even so I recognize everything about you
since the living room was filled with a vanilla smell,
I knew it was you arriving home.

Our eyes looked into each others;
I knew it was you, nobody else but you
standing in the threshold with raindrops falling at your feet.

I wanted to run towards you and feel your arms wrapped around me,
but I needed to know how much you missed me.

Every birthday without you, Mom,
every Christmas without you, Mom
never a letter or a present.

But the only true thing I waited for
was to ask you how was your day, Mom;
hear your melodious voice singing that lullaby.

But having you in front of me right now,
I don't even know how to speak
'cause when you left,
you took my words and heart with you.


as usual simpleplan13 helped me with my writing, so thank you :D