By: Lauryn Elizabeth

Now I know
That it is time for me to go,
But I can't find the right words to say,
So I put it off for another day

It was perfect, all that I had
But, somehow, it's all gone bad,
I'm struggling to find the light in the dark,
But I'm drowning, I can't find the spark

I wait and hold on to bliss,
Wishing I could fly off, get rid of this,
I hate to hurt you, don't want to lie,
But sometimes you just have to cry

Maybe it's me,
How did I believe
That everything was right?
That the day wouldn't become night?
How couldn't I see
That this wasn't meant to be?
You're the perfect guy,
It was just another fucked up lie
You were too good to be true
And now I have to say this to you

I don't think that we should be
I'm talking 'bout you and me
I don't want to loose you, don't want to cry,
I don't want to hurt you, please don't make me try

I stay up late every night,
Thinking about how I can make things right
But I just fall asleep, and I keep waking up,
Wake up from this nightmare, I won't keep up

You were so good to me,
I wish that I could believe
That we are supposed to be
Together, just you and me

So maybe it's just better I go
I may be better off alone
I'm so sorry I led you to this,
I wish that there was only empty bliss

Please forgive me,
Maybe one day you'll see
That we weren't supposed to be together,
Just you and me.