Best Friends

Best Friends?

When people ask us what we are.

You instantly reply:

Just Best Friends.

The light in my eyes always dies.

But anymore you just don't notice.

Once you asked if I was alright.

But I just answered fine.

Sometimes I wish you would look me in the eyes and tell me:
Don't lie.

But you don't.

And I'm just fine.

Or at least

For now that's what you'll know.

Everyday during school

I watch you just to see if you notice.

Then after school you always leave

Before I have the chance to say goodbye

Please don't leave me again.

I always fear

Whenever you're not near

That like you did before.

You'll just disappear.

It irks me just to see you look at someone else.

And the light in your eyes

It scares me.

Because when you look at them like that

I always wonder what you're thinking.

And why you never look at me like that.

But I just look away

Because I know you.

You don't like other girls.

You don't like anyone.

You barely like me.

I don't know what you see in me.

Or why you're still here.

I'm not complaining

But I'm scared you'll realize this.

I'm scared that you will leave me again.

I can't loose you.

Not again.

I've lost you once,

I can't loose you again.

I can't loose you again.

Please don't leave me.