Earth and Sky

What is Love?

…is it the ultimate blessing?

…is it an obsession?

…is it happiness beyond compare?

What is Love?

…is it pain?

…is it fire and ice?

…is it the reason for life?

Some say love is a passion that catches fire beneath your skin and can not be quenched; it never dies until there is nothing left to burn. Others say there is no such thing as true love- they say it is in our minds and will always be… The question still remains,

What is Love?

…is it happiness?

…is it joy?

…is it peace?

…is it what we are all looking for?

…is it fixation?

…is it painful?

…is it the oneness with another?

Yes, it is all yet none, one but many….it is Love

No one can explain it though many have tried, no one can give you the signs. They say "You just know", is love so strong, so different so amazing that even though no one can explain it we all know when it occurs? Love is strong and subtle, Love is new yet old, Love is joy and pain, Love is knowing and sharing, Love is trusting and being trusted, Love is fire and ice,

Love is Love