We live in a world full of Chaos

Full of joy

Full of misery

Full of happiness

Full of pain

Full of Life

Full of death

This world seems so unfair

Some who deserve nothing have everything

Some who deserve everything have nothing

Yet strangely just

The wicked find no joy in the sky

The good find happiness in the dust

Is everything as it should be?

Does the world need to change?

Or is it as it should be?

Would you do right even when it seemed wrong?

Would you help,

To feed the hungry?

To comfort the lonely?

To warm the cold?

To light the darkness of the heart?

Would you change the world?

Or would you be just another grain for sand?

Another leaf in the autumn?

Another star in the sky?

No one knows

That they are a hero

That the world needs them

How much they are loved

How much they have helped others

No one knows

How much they changed others

How much they listened to others

And comforted them

How much the saved others

How much they saved themselves

We need to love each other

Know each other

Care for each other

Hold each other

Strengthen each other

Because no one knows

No one realizes

No one believes

No one sees

No one understands

Until they become one with the earth,

And then it is too late to change what you have done