Have you ever wondered how the cow got his spots my child?

No, he wasn't born like that. Cows used to be as white as the milk they gave us.

I'm here to tell you the story of the cow's spots, are you ready to listen, my child?

Good, I'll begin.

It all started when the universe was young and like a child it could not settle or sit

still for long. Our mother earth would shake and tremble with excitement as the world filled with life. The Winds from all the scared directions danced across the waters. The animals and the first humans explored the earth, filled with joy at the beauty they found.

The animals multiplied and formed herds, they roamed the prairies and grazed in the meadows.

One summer night, while the East wind played about the trees, a huge star fell- it is said the father sky plucked it out of the sky for mother earth as a token of his everlasting love and affection. As the star fell, it shattered and became thousands of glowing, sparkling embers that looked like glowing diamonds.

While this was happening the first herd of cattle was grazing in a nearby field and they saw the embers falling and ran to find them. The cows reached the spot where the star pieces were falling at the exact moment they reached the earth. Many of the star embers fell on the backs of the cows and the embers flared up and the cow's fur caught fire. The cows cried out in pain and tried to put out the fires on their backs by rolling in the sweet grass and dashing into a nearby stream but nothing worked.

All the animals tried to help the poor cows. The beaver tried to smother the fire with mud from the river. The deer tried to stamp it out with his hooves. The eagle brought wet sea weed and dropped it on them. The mice dumped dirt on them trying to smother the flames. But nothing worked, the fire kept burning. For hours the animals tried and tried. Then the wise mother owl said,

"Let us pray!" They all nodded, "Let us beg mother earth and father sky. Only they can save the cows now."

So all the animals stopped, bowing low to the ground they called out and mother earth heard their cries. She felt pity for the cows for they were always sweet, good natured animals and was proud to see the animals united again. Like it had been when they were first born. She called upon the cold North wind it came billowing out of the cold, icy land of white. It carried the snow which fell in large flakes and quenched the fires. It cooled the cow's burns.

But nothing, not even the snow could erase the black spots that now covered all the cows.

And even now, my child. Cows still have spots. The spots remind us all that we must work together. Work together and call on mother earth and father sky when we are in need for They will hear us and come to our aid. For we are their children and they love us as I love you, my child.