Chapter 4

Above Earth, Solar System, Milky Way Galaxy

I thought I was in a completely different universe or something. But when I asked the pod's computer/information system where the heck I was, it said I was in the Milky Way. I had no idea where that was, or why a place would be named after the cow farm outside of Fahon. The other answers that remained to be found were how far I was from Stersh (or where Stersh used to be) and what exactly this blue, white, and reasonably green planet was.

"What is this the planet below us, computer?" I asked.

"This planet is known as Earth. Major inhabitants: bacteria and humans," the computer said in its monotonous, robotic voice. When it mentioned that humans lived on…Earth…a look of surprise washed over my face. It had never occurred to me that humans could live in other places in outer space. Weird. "Human population: over six billion." Whoa! "Technology level: primitive. Vegetation…" It continued on until I shouted "SHUT UP!"

Below me was a primitive planet. Maybe that's why I didn't recognize the black and white "nasa" thingy flying by; it was very old and basic technology. I ordered a cup of coffa---a sweet drink that is so sweet, it makes you, well, cough---from the pod's instant food and drink system. I still don't know how that works, but it's my favorite caffeinated drink (unfortunately, my parents didn't let me have caffeine; I always had some at friends' houses and never told my parents) ever.

As I drank my instant coffa, I thought about what it would be like to live on such a blue and primitive planet. Sure, Glon had some lakes here and there (not as much as the country of Aquafarn, which was an underwater country, whose many caves had lakes), but Stersh had only one ocean.

As I coughed up my coffa, I imagined myself looking up to the sky every day and seeing a nasa flying through the sky. And drinking my morning cup of coffa. And not space-skiing.

Suddenly, another nasa flew by, and my pod was sent tumbling through space. And then my tumbling became faster. My ride became turbulent, which could only have meant one thing: I had entered Earth's atmosphere! As I continued falling and spinning out of control, the pod's computer stared shouting in its robotic, metallic voice, "Alert! Pod external temperature rising! In approximately ninety seconds, pod exterior will become unstable! Alert! Pod external temperature rising! In approximately eighty-seven seconds, pod exterior will become unstable!"

I began to panic. I was either going to crash into the ground or burn up! The pod was beginning to catch fire. Nothing could prevent my demise now. Talk about a lose-lose situation.

I continued my plummeting descent as the computer continued its countdown to the pod's destruction. I was doomed, and it was all thanks to that stupid nasa! I closed my eyes…and waited for the end.

Author Notes: Happy New Year! This is my first chapter (of any story) of 2009!

This chapter has quite a bunch of humor in it! "As I drank my instant coffa, I thought about what it would be like to live on such a blue and primitive planet." That is a very ironic statement in that here Mek is, drinking an INSTANT cup of coffa while thinking about living on a blue and PRIMITIVE planet! Then there's the whole concept of coffa! I almost started laughing pretty hard (in a library!) when I made that up! Heck, that happened to me a bunch with this chapter; luckily I never got to the point of laughing hard!

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