His eyes scanned the letter for what had to be the hundredth time now, memorizing every word, every thought, every detail she had put into it. Once he finished reading it again, he looked up and stared at her from across the room. She sat on one end of the cafeteria, talking and joking with her friends. But she was stressed, he saw it in the way that she moved. Her actions were too sharp, too clear for her typical character. He had learned that she had a specific way of acting for each emotion she felt. And when she felt nervous or stressed, she made jerky motions.

The bell rang, and she looked around as she stood up to leave, looking quite confused and half relieved, half sorry that no one had approached her about the letter she had written. That he hadn't approached her about the letter.

She moved closer to where he was, near the door out into the hallway where she was obviously heading. She glanced around one more time before she got to the door, and in that instant, she met his eyes for only a second. Hers widened in fear and she sped up, moving for the door more quickly now. But he was still faster. He got to the door before her and intercepted her as she tried to leave. His eyes searched into hers to see how scared she felt. He could feel it in the way every muscle in her arm screamed to run, but couldn't move due to shock and fear.

"Come with me," he said, pulling on her arm and leading her out to an abandoned part of the hall.

"Are you the one who wrote this letter to me?" He shook himself internally, of course she had written the letter! Why else would she be so afraid to see him? She continued to stare in wide eyed fear at him. Slowly, he released his grip on her upper arm and she seemed to relax a little. She gave a short little nod to tell him that she had indeed written the letter to him. He touched her forearm, and instantly she tensed up again as emotions raced through her large brown eyes.

"Are you really that afraid of what I think of you now?" he asked after a moment's silence. She turned her head away slightly, no longer making eye contact. His hand came up off her forearm and touched her cheek, pulling her face back so he could look into her eyes.

Without warning, he leaned in and gently pressed his lips to hers in demonstration of his reaction to her letter. She froze, eyes even wider than before with shock. He ran his thumb along her jaw line as he released her lips and backed up a step.

"I love you too."

She sat talking to her friends, but always looking around the cafeteria to see if he was there. She needed to know what he thought of her, but she was so scared of his possible rejection that she almost didn't want to know. Someone said something to her, and her head jerked back to face her friend.

The bell rang, and she stood up, looking confused, feeling crushed that he hadn't come to her. She looked around as she headed for the door, scanning the room just once more.

That's when it happened. Her eyes met his golden brown ones and she froze for a second, but only a second, before moving quickly towards her exit to the hallway. But he was too fast for her; he got there first and caught her by the arm, stopping her from leaving. She froze instantly, tensed in fear.

"Come with me," he said evenly, leading her out to an empty, quiet part of the hall.

"Are you the one who wrote this letter to me?" Thoughts raced through her mind. She felt like she was obliged to tell him, since he had come to her as she'd asked, but part of her wanted to tell him no, so that he would move and let her deal with the pain she'd grown so used to.

He dropped his hand from her upper arm, and she relaxed a bit, feeling slightly more secure and in control of herself now that he'd stopped holding her. She suddenly nodded slightly, just enough of an incline that he would see the signal for 'yes'. He touched her forearm lightly, and every muscle in her body screamed for her to run… But she couldn't… Not now. Not now that she'd told him it was her with the love for him that would never die.

"Are you really that afraid of what I think of you now?" She paused for a second, then turned her head away slightly so her eyes no longer met his. His hand moved up to her cheek to face her forwards again so he could look into her eyes once more.

Then suddenly, his lips were on hers, pressing lightly to give just a hint of his feeling for her. She froze instantly, eyes wide with shock and surprise. He caressed her face gently with his thumb, then stepped back and looked into her eyes

"I love you too," was all he said before he turned to walk away.

a/n: A single moment in time, shown through his eyes, the hers. One moment, two lives. This is a possible reaction he may have when he reads "the letter". However unlikely it is, I'm an optimist until someone gives me a good reason to be a pessimist.