Sitting on the train are two people; a man and a woman. The man is looks to be in his early sixties but is, in fact, almost seventy. The woman sitting opposite him is almost twenty-five. The seats are very close together that their knees are almost touching but that's okay because they are husband and wife. And so in love. Almost.

The woman loves that they often read together in bed on lazy Sunday morning – occasionally they read passages out loud and laugh, sympathise or criticise what has been heard. The years of knowledge and experience that make up her husband fill her body and soul – yes, she is very much in love. Almost.

The man loves that his wife is younger and eager. He believes that her youth revives him and that he is still young himself. He loves to teach her all that he knows – yes, he is very much in love. Almost.

Almost? These two people are so in love… but not with each other. The person is nothing but the idea… Oh, the love of the idea. They will never cheat or part because the idea is strong and they are so in love with it. They almost love each other.