Momentary Optimism

I came up with this while listening to John Mayer's album, Heavier Things. One song in particular, 'Wheel'. Please read and review.

Some day, when your feet are tired
But your soul content
And overflowing with all the love
This world has to offer,
Your heart might tug you home;
Where we dreamed of
Overlapping lives and shared laughter
Sunshine and stars and interlocked fingers,
Here, you might arrive
With renewed dreams clouding your eyes,
Suitcases in hand,
Chest heavy and full.

And it might be my turn to be gone.

The world is a wheel.
I do not know when I'll be able to
Steal a glimpse of you through
Its rhythmic revolutions again, if ever.

But, though apart,
Knowing this plane yet encompasses you,
And there is still a chance,
And there is a hope,
Just for now, knowing this
Is enough.