His heart was in the right place,

It really was –

He cared, deeply and truly, for

His one and only –

But still she left him

For another,

Still she left him

All alone.


Her heart was full of love for him,

It really was –

She cared for him, and laughed at all

His corny jokes –

But she was confused

By another,

Whom she, confused,

Loved also.


The other's heart was blackened

With hate, it was –

A dark, anarchic rogue who loved

The smell of blood –

But gentle, subtle was he

With her heart

Detached, but with deep caring

For her.


She did not want to hurt him,

She truly did not.

The love between the man and her

Slowly waned,

And she couldn't bear to see it

Fading away,

And he couldn't bear to see her



Their love was sweet like honey,

It really was –

One doomed to wither and die,

And so it ended.

And she cried out as she fell,

Sobbing in vain,

But the other saw her fall

And caught her.