Psychotic Explanation
Chapter One: School
A/N: Written by me, told by the main character.


To think that of all the days, today was it. Students all around the city, returning to the halls they once roamed, just months before. The classrooms and teachers they dreaded.

I sat where everyone wanted to sit, at the end of the bus. As the bus came to a halt, all the children rose from their seats with their school bags, fleeing from the yellow wheeled-bee onto school grounds. Soon it was my turn. I got off my bubble-gum ridden seat, walked all the way down the aisle to the front, and ran down the steps. The bus driver called out and down to me to be careful, but I never listened. With my navy blue backpack on my shoulders, I followed the other kids to the front doors of the building. Seeing as how I was behind everyone, I looked up to the top of the representing side of my school before I stepped closer and pulled open the large wooden door.

I went inside and looked at the clock; it was breakfast time. I wandered in the direction of the cafeteria, and as I did so, I realized I didn't have any money. I kept moving toward the cafeteria anyway, only to find an empty table to sit at, as though only to mind my own business. It didn't take long for me to notice that I couldn't find many of last year's friends, and none of them wanted to talk, so I didn't initiate a conversation either.

Instead, I looked around the old and musty lunchroom; it had never changed in all my time at the school. Not even during or since my elementary years there—right down to where the tables sat. If you pushed the tables around (if you even could!), there would be permanent markings on the tiles of the floors where there are indentations caused by the constant pressure of the heavy legs on the floor.


Of all of the days today was it. Students all 'round returning to the halls they roamed, the classed they dreaded. I sat at the end of the bus. All the children fled when it came to a halt. And soon I too got off of my bubble gum ridden seat, and walked my way up to the front. I turned to my right, and ran down the steps. The bus driver called to me for awareness, to be safe. I never listen. I had a navy blue bag on my back, I went to the building as with the others. I looked up before I stepped a couple feet closer and pulled open the wooden door. I went inside, it was breakfast time. So I made my way to the cafeteria, realising I didn't bring and money. So I sat down at an empty table. I minded my own business. Not one of my past friends decided to come and talk. I looked around the old and musty lunch room. It hadn't ever changed, not once in my time here. Right down to the setting of the tables.

A/N: Yes, it is much shorter than ever! Well, my next chapter is soon, and should be longer.