Psychotic Explanation
Chapter Fourteen:The End of the Road
A/N: Written by me, told by the main character.

The next day, I did not return to school. My mother was too concerned about me to let me go back. For a day at least.

Thursday, two weeks and a day after Todd's death, I went back to school. For a while I only talked to Todd during breakfast, when most people started not showing up as much. My head still hurt from Tuesday, I got another headache, but still nothing horrible. On my way to Mr. Hungurmann's, he stopped me in the hall, he told me "I found that site you were talking about. But did you know he was dead, the first day?" At first, I thought he believed me, but no, he didn't. Or that's how I saw it. "I didn't." I walked up the stairs to his class, waiting for him as he stood trying to comprehend the two last words I spoke to him.

Days passed, weeks, even months. I still talked to Todd, and insisted I was talking to him. After a while, my mother was really scared, she called a therapist. Though I didn't understand why I should see a therapist. But I had to. After a while of that, I was so insistant that I was locked up, in a place called 'the looney bin', for just about good. A children's bin, which in a few years I would have to change, but whatever. No sane person, that I knew before, ever saw me again. Unless, they were also innocent, and shouldn't have been there. And during my time there, I still talked with Todd, and wrote this wonderful, or so I think, story about my wonderful adventurous life that pretty much ended in Junior High.


A/N: Okay, okay. This wasn't the beststory ever written, I know. And no, this really was FICTION FICTION FICTION! Haha, okay, well I hoped you'd enjoy this story, if you didn't...well I really don't care... Joking.