I have to tell you guys this dream i had.

It started out where i was trying to find a computer with Internet.(my computer down) So then these there girl sat beside me and were suppose to be my friends and the cheetah girls. And we were always listen to number 3 on a cd.(brother favorite song that he sang is number three) So the bells ring s and i went to my class and this dude that is in my class(real life name Chris) is sitting in one of those long tables and he has pink bags surrounding him! Then this dude skips in with flowers and put it on hiss desks. Then i walk back to the computer area and the black guy form bucket list was calling me selfish and i was cheating on my boyfriend (in the dream.and he works at a hotel four nights) so her there watch the guy accuse me of going out with the Chris dude. I try to tell him it not true but he did not believe me so i ran and put my head in someone locker and cryed and bawled my heart out. Then the bell rang so i got the math book out of the locker and i pass my sister and her friend they ask me what wrong but i shook my head and ran. When i walk into math class i saw that my elementary Principal was teaching. I look down and saw i had the wrong math book and ask her if could get my math book.

The end

a/n if you have any thought of what this dream is about or if you wana of comments please do.