I'm over you.

I've watched you jump from girl to girl

And each time I've watched them rip your heart to shreds.

I wanted you so badly

And you didn't give me the time of day.

I'm not angry,

You're still one of my best friends.

But don't ask me to watch anymore.

I offered,

You refused,

When those sluts break your heart,

Don't knock on my door.

It's locked.

If you're too dumb to see me,

And chase after 3 freaking heartaches.

And still not see me waiting around.

You're not worth my time.

"I know, but just don't tell me

'I told you so' when it happens"

I'll try my best not to.

But don't ask me to freakin watch anymore.

I offered to give you everything.

And I tried everything I possibly could to change your mind.

I thought if I tried hard enough,

Maybe I could finally get your attention.

But you wanted her, not me.

Then you didn't want her,

You wanted another girl, not me.

Then she broke your heart too.

But still not me.

Girl number three.

I'm tired of not even getting a number.

But why be a number,

When I could be someone else's

E V E R Y T H I N G . . .