If you really want to get freaked out, read this story then think about it while listening to Intro on the Untitled CD by Korn. Thats were I got this idea.

Silence was all they heard as they slowly walked up to the old run down circus. Alice looked around, her green eyes glinted with fear as she took each step closer to the red and white performing tent. Mary's black hair shined blue in the light of the full moon as her brother, Mark, turned toward her.

"Well, ere you coming or not?" he asked harshly. Alice had just noticed that she had stopped walking and had fallen behind. She shivered out of fear and looked at the twins, her platinum blond hair swayed in the wind.

Mark glared at her. "Hurry up, or we'll leave you here and we'll tell everyone that your as wimpy as you appear." He threatened her.

Mary stopped walking and finally turned toward Alice. "Alice, we've been down here hundreds of times. No one is out here, those newspaper articles are phony. There are no murders out here. Now, you'd better hurry up or else you can't join our club."

Alice looked down and continued walking. After a few minutes of slowly dragging behind them she realized that they had stopped.

"Guys?" Alice squeaked. Mary turned around at lightening speed.

"All that you have to do to join our club is to go all the way to the back," she pointed into the inside of the performing tent, which at the moment only had a single ray of moonlight, falling delicately onto a small xylophone. Dust from all of the years of no attention had piled up to thick layers that looked like dirty carpet. "And play a couple of notes on that."

Alice looked inside the tent fearfully, almost waiting for something sinister to pop out and her pull in. Slowly she tip-toed inside, dust surrounding her feet, sinking deeper into darkness. Alice whipped around to see if they we're still there, and to her surprise they were.

She made sure that each step she took was clear of any debris that may have fallen over the years, and as a result only tripped twice.

As she approached the center of the tent she toke in a sence of pride. She looked over the dust coated xylophone and smirked. 'This wasn't so hard.' She thought as she picked an old stick, broken by only God knows what. She played a slow, high pitched, beat twice in a row. After she was done, she placed the little stick were she had found it and began to walk away.

Once she was in the darkness, she heard the beat that she had played, played again. She turned her head. No one was there. She walked back into the light and noticed that the xylophone was playing itself! She jumped back into the darkness. Her breathing grew faster and shallower as she sat there, scared out of her mind. After a few minutes, she felt cold, slow breathing on the back of her neck.

"Mary! Mark!" she screamed at the top of her lungs as she ran toward the exit. When she finally reached the edge of the tent, she gasped at the horrible sight set before her.

Mary's chocolate brown eyes were glazed over with death and fear. A tear ran down Alice's cheek as she looked upon Mark. His mouth was twisted in a odd fashion, as though he had been screaming. Alice thought back and realized that she hadn't heard anything.

She glanced quickly at the crime seen, it looked like something that was in the old newspapers that they had shown her. But, something was off. There was no blood. When she looked to there faces, she realized what had happened…

They had been scared to death...

Alice jumped as she felt, hot, shallow, breath down her neck. She spun around. There stood a tall man, with water ruined clown make-up on. His smile was enough to scare even the bravest of men. She shivered as he closed in on her. She just now noticed how sharp his teeth were.

"Well hello, my darling. My, you look so lovely when you are frightened. But then, so do most women." His smile broadened as he noticed the effect his voice had on this poor, frightened child. "Were those brats your little friends." He asked.

Alice was to frightened to answer him, her mouth just kept opening and reopening.

The smile was wiped clean from the mans face, "ANSWER ME!!" he yelled as she fell to the ground.

She shoke her head no.

"I see. Well, since this is the first time you've come out here, I'll give you a head start." His smiled returned. Alice lay frozen on the ground until she caught his meaning.

'At least I have a head start.' she thought as she jumped from her spot on the ground toward the front gate.

She turned left at a frightening rate as she heard the mans maniacal laughter from behind her. She didn't stop running, until she ran into a very hard, and cold figure. "Well, hello again darling." Her eyes widened as she turned away and ran around an other corner. There he was again. She gasped and turned around again only to be caught in cold stiff arms of the murderer…

Alice's eyes shot open…

She sat up as fast as she could and looked around her dark bedroom. She sighed in relief. It was only a dream.

She took slow deep breaths to calm herself down and to think.

She sighed, "Now I'm certain that I don't want to go to the Abandoned Circus with Mary and Mark any more. I'll call to tell them in the morning." She whispered as she slowly laid back down on her bed, completely unaware of the dark, smiling figure in the corner, holding in his hands, the heads of two black haired teenagers...