Hey to all my readers!

Sorry for the long period of no updates. I'm not going to give any excuses, except that I write slowly. Unlike other authors I know, my stories aren't pre-typed. Or at all finished… I'll work as hard as I can to get chapters out in a timely fashion, but don't expect it. I actually have the stories all planned out, I just need to type them… Hell, I have a continuation to Of Demons and Flowers! Speaking of which…

I have all major characters planned for both of my stories. Well, I actually need two… no three characters for No one can know and one for Of Demons and Flowers. Anyone want to create on OC?

For No one can know, I need: An older and younger brother, and a servant (preferably male).

For Of Demons and Flowers, I need: A doctor! Who will also be the future bf for Zero.

Wow, no female characters. I should try to fix that…

So yeah, if anyone actually decides to make an OC I need a description, like looks and attitude. A pic would be nice too. And maybe a bio. Just to make sure I get the character right, I will send you a part of the story that contains you character. If I select your character, you will receive: thanks (no duh), all credit given to you, my use of character in the story, and maybe a one-shot dedicated to you (no promises).

By the way, the doctor plays a very big part in the continuation, so make the OC's really good for that one.

So yeah… That's it. I would love to talk to you guys so leave reviews or use that cbox I worked so hard to put there.