Her long hair flowed over the book she was reading, she absently brushed it aside, sighed and closed the book. The area she awas at was crodwed with people, rushing her and there, hurrying so as not to miss their flights. She checked her watch. They should be here soon, it couldn't take them that long. Just as she was about to get up, Elnora Knolls hurried up to her out of breath.

"I'm sorry, Rose. We just got caught in all the shops. Plus we were hungry, you can never count on airplane food."

Rose shook her head and smiled, "Buy anything?"

"Yes," her blue eyes sparkled, "For Ferdinand."

"Couldn't you have waited till' we got to England."

"You know her she can't stop herself from spoiling any dog." Two green eyes laughed. Ivy Ryan appeared beside Rose along with Amanda. Amanda patted Elnora's shoulder, Elnora looked up into her sister's face and smiled.

"Hate to part up this sisterly moment but our flight was just called." Ivy split up the two.

When they arrived in England, at Bilthsthrope, outside the airport a chauffeur held up a sign reading, "Miss Rose and Friends." Rose hurried over. "You are Rose." She nodded. He opend the door of the 1909 Silver Ghost Rolls Royce and gestured them in. The girls gaped at it.

"Thank you." Rose looked at them and then got into the car with the girls following her. Then they were on their way. The country rolled by, hills of green and forests. Suddenly the chauffeur pulled over, rolled down their windows and pointed at a wide range of trees.

"These woods are very important to the history and legends of England. You should ask your grandmother about them, Miss Rose, I'm sure she has a great story about them." Then he was silent as he continued on driving toward their new home for the next year. The girls continued to gaze out at the woods.

"It's so mysterious." Amanda commented as she peered out the window.

"Yes and from what we are riding in I'm curious if my mother didn't fully explain that my grandmother is 'just a bit higher than the rest of us'."

"I wonder what the house looks like, Rose. Didn't your mother say it was historical." Elnora peered over at her friend. Rose nodded. The rest of them gazed out.

When they arrived at the "house" all of them gasped. The chauffeur was driving up a drawbridge over a moat and high above them were turrets and flags. High stained glass windows with Old English scribbled on them rose high above them.

"How rich did your mother say your grandmother was again?" Ivy asked, grinning above her.

"Not this much, I was expecting a quaint cottage."