Fire and Ice

Hot is the sun

Cold is the moon

Warm is the night

Chill is the noon

Passion is burning

Indifference is yearning

Eternity's turning

She melts all to soon

Love is the hate

Life is the death

No-longer they'll wait

The end will be next

Frozen emotion

Shivering glares

It has been spoken

Never this pair

Anger is blazing

They never asked how

No-longer is waiting

The end has come now

So long to the never

Three-Sixty degrees

Foresaw had the clever

This never would be

Secretly longing

The other ones kiss

Now that its over

The other they miss

Love last forever

Hate lingers too

Spicy hot winters

Cold summer blues

Born when the other

Dies from the pain

Can't stand the steam

Can't stand the rain

Always together

Always alone

More than just lovers

More than just souls

Hot is the sun

Cold is the moon

Fire and Ice

Together are doomed