Is This Life?

Would you believe me if I told you
That I was a murderer?
Would you believe me if I told you
I've taken a life?

We're all mindless players
In a selfish game.
Vying for the attentions
Of the Devil.

Is it all a fantasy?
Imagined in my mind?
Do we bleed for nothing
In this organised chaotic life?

Can you tell me if I'm really here?
Can you tell me if you're dead?
Is there any way to fall apart
Without the shameful defeat?

It's impossible to break away
From the chains we have created.
You try and try with all your might
But it's your heart that does the breaking.

If we exist to coexist,
Why is it that we lie?
If we're supposed to help each other,
How can we help ourselves?

We kill ourselves, our friends, our kids
And it's labeled as humane.
But one thing most people forget
Is what happens on the other side.

So this one just randomly came to me today. It's my first purposefully non-rhyming poem. Tell me what y'all think.