I'm no damsel in distress, but I am a girl.
I'm a girl who's been broken to the point I thought I could not continue,
But risen to my feet and began again.

No female should settle for anything less than perfect.
We all have different definitions of perfect.
Mine isn't too complicated.
Some claim perfection is non existent.
Although, lovers say their partner has no flaw.
We are all perfect in the only way humans can be.
If you haven't a flaw, you are not perfect.

I'm patiently waiting for my knight, not in a skyscraping tower guarded by a dragon, but in a field of wildflowers, so lovely it causes my bruised heart to shudder,
Where he promised to one day be.
Forget the shining armor, the fancy gold and expensive jewels.
Give me your heart and in return I shall give you mine without a hint of hesitation.
I arrived here on foot.
My feet have blistered, my body tired to exhaustion,
My bones aching to their very core, my heart beaten bloody by the leather whip of the winds,
My ears deafened by the piercing screams, my eyes blinded into blackness.

My dear, do not worry. It sounds torturous I know.
Truly every moment has been worth it.
I cannot imagine your journey here.
For I know it will never compare to mine; your path held so much destruction and much too many deaths.
When you come into sight I give you my promise that I shall heal your wounds that not a soul has touched.

I sit here, waiting, in this very field of wildflowers.
Your Journey has not ended yet and you have so far to travel.
Keep your eyes ahead and never let them falter.
Do not wander off your path, for you may lose me.
If such a thing were to happen, I would never lose my faith in you.
I will wait here, as I promised, and I shall not go forward until the day we are in each other's arms.

When the dawn breaks in the sky and onto this field I will watch you descend from the hushed woods.
My gaze will meet yours and it will not travel elsewhere.
I will never be as happy as I am in that moment.
Every color will be brighter, sounds will be sharper, scents will be stronger, sights more clear, and my love for you will continue to grow from that day on.

My heart holds no pain, only love and happiness.
You have forever rid me of my demons.
As I close my eyes I see your face.

Nothing could be so beautiful, so perfect, so breathtaking.
When my eyes open to the twinkling stars in the night, I am not disappointed.
It is because I see your smile and words of promise in them.

My smile for you will not fade as I wait on your arrival.
My love for you will never halt to an end.
I am yours and you are mine.

The scent of the flowers is beautiful.
You knew this field would keep me sane as I waited for your journey to end.
I am grateful for that and could not be more thankful.
My heart beats only for you as my eyes stay focused on the edge of the woods.
Dawn is breaking across the sky as my breath catches in my throat.
At first, you are just a shadow in the woods.
When the light spreads over the field and you take your first step into the wildflowers
My heart swells and tears of happiness trickle down my face.
I run into your embrace and you tell me the Wildflowers have never looked more beautiful.

A/N: I wasn't really Sure what to categorize this story as. It came to me out of nowhere and I just had to get it all down on paper...or computer screen? Haha... Well I hope it's loved. T'was fun to write! Reviews (good or bad) would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.