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The Talk at the Diner

Judy woke up at about 8am; she stood up and looked at the window. She felt good today, she found people she can talk to and she has somewhere to stay. Judy looked at the bag of clothes that Veronica gave her; she took a shirt and a pair of jeans and went to the shower.

After dressing up, someone knocked on her door. She opened it and it was Veronica. "Good Morning!" Veronica said with a big smile on her face. "Sleep well?"

"Yes, I feel good. Thanks again for the clothes and the place to stay." Judy replied and smiled back.

"It seems that you're ready. Let's get something to eat." Veronica said.

Judy and Veronica left the dorm and turned right. While walking, Judy looked around. She looked at the sky, it was full of clouds. "God's creations are truly amazing!" Judy thought to herself. "But the humans just had to ruin it."

Finally, they reached a small diner called, "The Street Corner Diner". Judy and Veronica sat down on a table, and soon after a waitress was there to entertain them.

"Morning!" the waitress said with a smile. "What would you like to eat today?"

Veronica asked Judy what she would like. But Judy just looked at Veronica and said "I don't know."

"Come on. Don't be shy. Order anything you like." Veronica said and gave Judy a menu.

Judy opened the menu and read the meals. One said "Ham and Egg sandwich with fries" Another said "2 pieces of Pancakes". Judy didn't know what these were, for angels in heaven don't really eat much, or not all. "I really don't know." Judy told Veronica and gave her back the menu.

"Okay. I'll just order for you." Veronica replied to Judy, then faced the waitress and said "We'll just have the pancakes, please."

"Coming right up!" the waitress said, then took the menus.

There were a couple of minutes of awkward silence. Both girls just looking at the window, or their nails, anything really, just as long they were not looking at each other. But finally the food came. The waitress gave them their plates and utensils, and then they started to eat.

While eating, Veronica asked, "So…." Veronica slightly hesitated, but still continued. "Where are you from, Judy?"

Judy didn't answer immediately. She thought of an answer. She can't say that she's an angel and she is really from heaven. "Umm..Far away." That's all Judy could say, she couldn't think of anything else.

"Okay." Veronica replied, accepting the answer that didn't really satisfy what she wanted to hear.

"How about you?" Judy asked Veronica. "What's your story?"

"Me?" Veronica pointed to herself. "I grew up, in a small house not really far from here. I really loved singing. When I was small my mom would let me sing at church."

"Where is your mom now?" Judy asked.

"She died 5 years ago." Veronica said, and then looked down. You could see in her eyes that the memory of her mother still lingered.

"I'm sorry." Judy said, slightly stuttering.

'It's okay. It was a long time ago. When she died, the Reverend took me in."

"Don't you have brothers or sisters?"

"Nope. I don't even have a dad." Veronica eyes got teary, as she reminisced about her past. "But enough of that, let's finish our pancakes. We have to go to the church. I want you to meet someone, a pianist. He's name is Chris." Veronica wiped her eyes and smiled.

Judy and Veronica finished their food, and paid the bill, left a tip, and stood up.