Purple Clogs

Click, click, click, click
over, over, over
every night he heard.
Click, went the gun to his head.
over, over, over
every night he head.
And tick, tick, tick
went his brain.

Click, click, click, click
tonight, again, here she comes.
Open the curtain—again he saw
walking, click click
and brown hair that in the streetlamps glowed.
Click, click, along the sidewalk,
along the red brick wall, through the cast iron gate.
Click, tick, went his head,
tick, tick, tick.

Click, click, click, click
and again they come.
Brown hair in the streetlamps glowed,
modest black skirt, soft pink shirt—
and the purple clogs that on the sidewalk
clicked, clicked, clicked
that made his brain go
tick tick tick

Click, click, click—again they
come, again she comes, over, over, over
tick, tick, tick

Out the door he flies!
Down the stairs!
To the street,
to her glowing hair!
—She had reached the gate,
he had reached her;
the mouth stopped screaming,
the legs stopped moving,
and the soft pink shirt turned red—
staining red the sidewalk around it.
In the streetlamp it glowed.

Click, click, click, click,
the purple clogs no more went.

a/n: this is based on a legend on my college campus.