As they plunged into the depths of the earth Hades leaned the woman against him, trusting the horses to lead themselves home. The tunnel became more defined and widened, heading towards an orange glow. Persephone's head fell back and he adjusted the reins in his hands and her. "Home pets, home." The horses seemed to understand and they turned when the tunnel curved or went down or up. He let go of the reins to better hold Persephone, her hair whipping wildly behind her at their speed. He braced himself against the chariot as they entered his realm. Hades pushed her bangs away and rested his forehead against her's. He had succeeded, he would have a queen. She would be waking up soon too. The temperature was chill underground but as the orange glow got bigger, the temperature rose.

He felt Persephone move in his arms and drew his head back to watch as her eyes opened. They did so slowly before widening and she pushed away from him. He let her down, his arms caging her in front of him and his hand gripped the railing on either side of her. Persephone looked around their surroundings and it dawned on her what had happened. As she remembered the flower she turned to face Hades, fury written over her face as her face flushed with her displeasure. If she were any lesser she would have stared. His hair was flowing wildly behind him, showing off the aristocratic face that seemed to be chiseled out of ice. His silver eyes caught the golden glow that was behind her and made him look every ounce a god. However, the way he was looking down at her reminded her of a wolf, a predator. It would serve her well to remember that.

Her fists lashed out and beat against his chest, desperately hitting him in her anger. "How dare you Hades! You betrayed my trust! I trusted you and you tricked me!" She was absolutely livid as she tried shoving him away from her. The more she pushed the tighter he held onto the chariot, keeping her chained. The wheel of the chariot glanced off a rock and made the chariot quiver and jerk, causing Persephone to nearly fall backwards. Her hand grabbed onto his shirt front for balance as she looked up at him. He hadn't moved or shifted, nothing. He just stared down at her. Persephone felt her rage hit a new level at his lack of response. She would not be the petty child throwing a tantrum and he the quietly disapproving parent. Oh no, she would get a response. "How could you do this to me? I did nothing wrong! Let me off, I'll scale the tunnel and return myself!" She ducked under his arm and was about to jump off the back of the chariot when Hades grabbed her elbow, tugging her back into him. He was built like a solid rock and she hissed in displeasure.

"Get off of me! Release me this instant Hades!"

"Never." Her head snapped up at the familiar word and her eyes narrowed. She twisted around in his embrace and spotted the reins. Grabbing them she jerked hard on them once and the horses reared, bucking and trying to slow down to a stop. "Onward pets! Do not stop until we are home!" He wrestled the reins out of her small hands and threw them forward, letting them rest on the horses' backs and out of her reach. They started again cautiously at first before running at full speed. The chariot jerked and trembled as if it had been on a road and Persephone pushed Hades's hands off of her, gripping the side of the chariot.

Hades glanced towards the horses and Persephone ran for the side again. This time Hades grabbed her and braced his feet, shutting a small door to the back of the chariot so she couldn't try her stunt again. Persephone struggled against his hands and he hugged her to himself to try and keep her still. "Release me this instant!" Her hands clawed at the arms holding her still and he hissed softly as she drew blood with her nails. He took his free hand and grabbed a wrist, releasing her to capture her other wrist. "Hades!!" Her voice echoed in the cavernous tunnel as the orange glow grew brighter and brighter, lighting up the entire tunnel and bathing them with an orange-red glow. "Stop touching me and put me down!"

Hades gave her an amused look as if he were humoring a child. "I think not. You would try to jump, and I'd rather have you as my queen than a shade."

Persephone paused in her struggle for her hands to look up at him with narrowed eyes. "Queen!? I never agreed to that!"

Hades let a small smirk grace his mouth. She was exquisite when she was angry, perhaps even more so than when she was calm and quiet. He filed this away for later in his mind when he didn't have his hands quite so full. "Your father gave me permission to marry you, and I will."

Persephone's mouth hung open slightly at the final and confident tone of his voice. Oh, he decided did he? "You didn't ask me if I wanted to be your queen! That isn't how it's done!"

Hades lifted a brow, the air turning drier. They were getting close. "Alright then, we'll do this your way. Will you be my queen?"

Persephone glared up at him. "Of course not!"

Hades shook his head lightly, moving both wrists into one hand so he could have a free one to hold onto the chariot. "That is exactly why I did not ask, because you would have refused."

Persephone rolled her eyes at him. She was going to maim Zeus when she got the chance for putting her in this position!! "You drugged me, kidnapped me, and are holding me against my will; Of course my answer is no! Being a queen, that's… that's preposterous! I don't know a thing about being queen! Hades, you're making a mistake… but I'll let you amend your mistake and turn around and take me home."

Hades gave her a small, indulgent smile but it was hidden by his hair that whipped across his face. "I'll give you points for trying, but no dice."

Persephone huffed and tried releasing herself in earnest this time, going as far as stepping on his boots and grinding her heels in. Hades gave an annoyed sound that was suspiciously like a growl and pulled her forward. He braced her back against the high walls of the chariot front so her feet couldn't reach the ground, pinning her between the cold metal of the chariot and him. She squirmed and he pinned her hands again, his hair whipping behind him again. "Would you stop your struggling for one moment?!" He was quickly losing his temper as she actually leaned down and bit the hand that had her wrists together. He swore softly and shook her head free but she tried biting him again. Feisty little thing wasn't she? His free hand grabbed her hair and forced her to straighten, seeing her wince a little. She looked up at him defiantly, grabbing at her courage and clutching it tightly.


Hades felt a little surprise and a reluctant ounce of respect in his mind as his eyes narrowed down at her. Persephone felt a little nervous as he stared at her in calculation, the wheels in his head turning. She felt her courage fail her for a moment as his head leaned in forward. "Wh-What are you doing? Back, stay back. Sit!" Hades lifted a brow at the small command his hand releasing her hair to go to the back of her neck. "Don't look at me like that!"

Hades smirked as he caught onto her nervousness like a wolf caught a scent. "Like what?"

Was it just her or was it getting warmer? She shifted uncomfortably, wishing she could shrink away into a speck. "Like you're going to eat me! Or… or something like that." Her voice died away as he glanced up at her eyes, his face already too close for comfort.

That wasn't a half bad idea, actually. Hades saw her eyes watch him like a doe in the head lights and he lowered his head further, grazing her cheek to her ear. "What ever gave you that idea?" He had ideas of his own, but he wouldn't say anything. Not yet.

Persephone jerked at how close his voice was. Persephone decided she couldn't sit still and allow whatever it was he was thinking to come to pass. And she had a good idea of what he was thinking. She pushed at him with her captured wrists and he moved back a little bit, head going to her neck. "Hades!!"

She felt something vibrate against her chest and her eyes widened in shock. He was laughing at her! She felt something nip at her neck and let out a small sound of surprise, a different kind of nervous filling her.

"Yes?" His voice came out like a purr against her neck as he ran kisses up the tanned skin to her ear and jaw. He was enjoying the sensation of making her uncomfortable and chuckled as she leaned her neck away. "Scared?"

Persephone shook her head rapidly, gulping heavily. How long was this chariot going to ride through this tunnel!? It seemed never ending!! Her head turned to face him and her brave face fell at the look on his own face. His eyes drifted down to her mouth then back up to her eyes, silently searching hers for something. Her eyes narrowed in her last stand for bravery and he smiled. She was daring him. He'd gladly accept. "Careful little doe, or you'll be eaten by the wolf." He watched the confusion from his statement throw her off and he moved.

One moment he was calling a deer and the next he was right there, kissing her. Persephone made a noise of surprise and jerked her head back but the hand around the back of her head held her still. Despite the fact he wanted to rush and take, Hades moved slowly, watching her eyes close and the fight leave her. He growled approval as her head tilted back with his hand. Her breathing hitched across his face as his mouth brushed her's more, tasting, testing. The few days that he'd spent frantically searching for her were well worth this. He wanted to kiss her, really kiss her, but something held him to just chaste brushes. Make her want more it whispered, and he realized it wasn't a half bad idea. The more she wanted, the less reason she would have to leave. Not that he would let her leave him, but the plan he had in mind would go smoother if she was willing. So instead he gently kissed her mouth, barely smiling against it when her mouth let out a shaky breath. He was glad he wasn't the only one affected.

This had to be wrong, it had to be. She made another sound as his hand traveled up her side to press her impossibly closer. She could barely breathe as it was, but the barest brushes against her mouth screwed up her entire thought process and made it impossible to unwind, like tangled string. He was doing it again, proving her assumptions about him wrong. First he was a gentleman, and then he turned into a kidnapper like her mother said, and now he was being so careful that she didn't know what to think of him.

Her eyes were cloudy when he pulled away from her mouth. Awareness slowly crept back to her as her body shuddered once and she pushed the hazes away from her mind. 'It was good while it lasted.' He pulled away and let her stand on her own two feet and she shook herself out of her stupor, glaring at him instead.

He'd just taken advantage of her and she'd let him! Furious with herself, Persephone raised her hand to push him away but he caught it, uncurling her fingers. His eyes watched her as he kissed the inside of her palm and wrist, feeling the pulse moving rapidly underneath the skin. "Don't fret dearest. The next time I kiss you, I won't stop after a few moments."

Her swollen mouth frowned as her eyes spat hate at him. "Go to Hell."

Hades grinned and flashed straight, white teeth at her. It made her already rapid pulse pick up tempo. "I'm already there."

That's when she noticed that somewhere between his advances they had landed. The orange glow came from a lake of lava that flowed through the giant cavern. Stepping out of the chariot he pulled her behind him, ignoring her when she dug her heels in. However Hades let out an impatient sigh and turned, picking her up when she grabbed onto the chariot and refused to let go. The horses snorted and pawed the earth softly, and he carried her towards the side wall, the horses following behind him calmly. A tunnel she hadn't noticed before appeared out of the shadows and he stepped into it, his footing sure even in the pitch dark. Soon it widened and led to a second cavern filled with a large river that gave off a soft blue glow. Persephone felt her mouth drop open at the beauty of it before the chill hit her. Stalagmites and stalactites filled the room, making the shadows the river gave off longer and more eerie.

A soft woof was heard and Persephone looked behind her to see what had made the noise. Guarding the tunnel they had just walked out of was Cerberus, the legendary three headed dog. His body was sleek and black and most importantly, huge. He was taller then the tallest pine as he stood on all fours, the nub of a tail wagging furiously as he spotted Hades and Persephone walk by. Her eyes were as wide as her mouth as she ducked down into Hade's arms, trying not to cower in front of the dog. His triangle ears on each head lifted like a Great Dane's ears, three pairs of brown eyes watching.

One head sniffed after Hades, a second licking the bottom of Persephone's exposed foot. She jerked it back and Hades chuckled softly, continuing to walk past them. "Stay Cerberus." The dog whined, making the cavern echo with it before he laid on his paws by the tunnel entrance, huffing softly. He descended a set of steps to the river's edge where a ferry waited. A waif of a man stood in the boat with a pole, looking bored and haggard. His hair was cropped short and snow white, as if he had never seen the light of day. A thick beard and mustache gave him a gruff appearance, giant furry eyebrows hovering over each wrinkled eyelid. He lifted a brow at seeing the woman in Hades's arms, bowing in respect as he approached. "I didn't realize you remembered my birthday, Lord Hades."

Hades looked less then amused as the man cackled at his own joke before stepping into the boat. "Amusing Charon."

"I thought so my lord, my lady. Welcome to the under world, we have been expecting you." Once Hades had situated himself into the boat and Persephone in his lap, Charon untied his boat and let the current pick it up, using the pole to keep away from the edges. The cave glittered from the wet moisture that dripped from each stalactite and into the river below. The ripples went unnoticed in the moving water, just adding onto it as it swept them along. Charon followed the river's bends after curves until one wide bend had them facing Hades's home.

Persephone's mouth fell open in awe at the castle that faced them. It was bigger then Olympus could ever dream of becoming, black marble and white lime stone making up the primary colors. The river forked, one towards the palace and one away. Charon took the path to the palace. It led to the front gates and to a black dock. He tied the boat off to the side of the dock and helped Persephone out of the boat. When she tried to discreetly take her wrist out of the Ferryman's grip he just gave her a calm look and she quelled. She wouldn't fight this man who was just doing what he thought was his lord's interests. If that meant holding onto his bride so she didn't run away while he tried getting out of a boat, then Charon would do it.

Hades stepped out of the boat and calmly took Persephone's arm, paying Charon a coin out of his pocket. Charon absently bit into it before waving them off, getting into his boat to go back the way he had come.

Persephone waited until he had left her sight before she jerked her arm out of Hades's grip. He frowned a little bit guided her forward with a hand to her lower back. The giant wall that acted as a bridge over the glowing moat was made of marble as well, polished and smooth like glass. "I may walk in your kingdom willingly, but I am an unwilling prisoner."

Hades glanced down at the stone expression on her face as she gave him the cold shoulder. "Then I will take you to your holding cell." He watched her face pale calmly before looking forward. As if he would cast her into Tartarus like his other prisoners. Shades moved around the castle, decorating with garlands of flowers and cleaning or dusting. They politely moved out of the way as he strode past, not speaking.

Persephone couldn't help but look around, trying to hide her curiosity. "What a dreary place this is…" Hades shrugged as they moved through black marble hallways that were shadowy. The torches that filled the hallways had white fire, not adding much warmth to the cold stone. He approached double doors at the end of the hallway made of heavy silver, a large 'H' carved above the tall doorways. Persephone didn't notice it as he opened the doors for her, nudging her inside. A wave of his hand and the room lit up, a large chandelier glowing above them. The room was large and furnished in silks and furs of jeweled tones, most of them being red and blue. A black marble fire place was against the same wall as the door, rugs of fur lining the marble floor. The ceiling, walls, doors, and floor were black, white specks of limestone dotted through out it. It could pass off as a night sky.

A window against the back wall showed a view of the glowing river and the cavern they had traveled to, and she realized just how high up they really were. The large canopy bed looked like it could fit six full grown men, the frame being wrought out of silver with matching pillows and red bedding. To the far right were white couches and chairs, a low table holding piles of books, paper, and ink wells of crystal. Truly his home was the most expensive palace she had ever seen!

"This will be your room. Please do not leave until I come back for you. I have things to attend to for a brief while. The bath is through there on your left. I will find you a maid who will bring you clothing." He plucked at the thin material of her pink dress, seeing it had grass and dirt stains on it from earlier. She swatted his hand away and looked around the room, putting distance between the two of them. "I repeat, do not leave."

Persephone turned as he started to shut the door, locking it behind him so no one else could enter into her room. She hadn't expected this as her holding cell. As the day's past events caught up to her, Persephone realized that she was in deep trouble. He wasn't going to let her go. She was never going to go home, to see her mother or her friends, or anyone ever again. She was going to be queen of the dead… Sinking to the floor, Persephone put her head in her hands. Her courage fell drastically now that she was alone as she fought back tears of despair.

She truly was alone.


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