This is my first expedition into poetry. However, I cannot rhyme for anything :P

So I'm free-versing it.

Please let me kow how I did. :)

Three Years

For three years,

I've wanted to take your hand in mine

For three years,

I've wanted to hold your body close

For three years,

I've wanted to press my lips against yours

For three years,

I've wanted to tell you how I felt

And for three years,

I've been too scared to do it.

I can still recall,

The day when I told you then

Of how I felt before…

How heartbroken I was

When our contact broke

For those agonizingly long months

I still remember the beat my heart skipped

When you came up to me after that long break

And said you were sorry

And wrapped your arms around me,

Hugging me tight.

At that point, I decided

That your presence as a friend

Was a million times better

Than to have you gone completely

So I pushed my feelings aside

And embraced our friendship

For two years,

I've been your friend

For two years,

I've been the person you came to

When you needed help

Or a little helpful advice

And during those two years,

Both of us had relationships come and go

It was only after that second year,

After those relationships came and went,

That my mind began to realize

That my feelings had not changed

That you were still ever present

In the back of my mind

That whenever I held the hand of another

My heart wished it was yours

For one year,

I've been deciding whether or not

It was right to risk

The friendship we had built

For one year,

I've been warring with myself

Unsure of which relationship

Was more important to me


I realize that I cannot

Deny my heart anymore then

I can deny the air in my lungs

Or the blood in my veins


I want you to know how I feel

I want to tell you everything

But my cowardice has won out

I cannot speak of this to you

So here I sit, as my hand

Gives shape to my heart's words

And today,

I hope and pray that you

Feel the same…


So the words were told

The feelings revealed

And all the while

That I sat here

Awaiting your judgment

My stomach was flipping

Those butterflies you give me

Sending that fluttering sensation

Through my body

To some, the butterflies

Are not desired

Their little wings beating

Make some uncomfortable

But, for me, they are

The flapping of their wings

Is a feeling that sends

My heart racing

And brings your face to

My mind, and that alone

Sends them into frenzy.