As soon as they left the shop, Trevor showed Kevin the CD. "Did you pay for that, Trevor?" Kevin asked, eyeing his friend suspiciously. Trevor smiled as he popped the CD in his pocket.

"No." he replied softly.

"Stealing is a crime." Kevin said firmly, looking into his friend's eyes.

"I promise I won't do it again."

"Promised this would be the last time?"

"Dude, I said I promise, what more do you want?!" Trevor getting a bit annoyed.

Kevin sighed and rolled his eyes and they headed home. As they were heading home, a dog barked at them. Trevor picked up a small rock from where he was standing and threw it at the dog. The dog jumped but got back to his position and growled angrily.

"Grrr…my foot!" Trevor too growled at the angry pup. He took up another rock to pitch at it, but it ran at him in full speed. When Trevor realized what was happening, he took off as fast as he could, forgetting about Kevin.

When it was safe for him to stop running, he turned to the side to see his friend out of breath next to him. "Phew, that was a close one!"

"Close one? If you hadn't provoked that-."

"My CD! Where's my CD?!" Trevor searched his pockets, but they were all empty except for his house key. "I must have dropped it when that dog was chasing us."

Kevin looked at his friend. Trevor's eyes told him that he had something going on in his mind. "Don't tell me." he said before his friend could speak.

"We could trace back our steps to see where I dropped it." Trevor suggested anyways. Kevin thought about it for a while and agreed.

They walked slowly back down the same path they took, but there was no CD to be found. They even searched behind the trees and looked around the garbage, but it wasn't there. In no time, they were back at the CD store.

Trevor made his move to go inside; Kevin placed his hand on his friend's shoulder and said no. Trevor shrugged him off and went inside anyways. Kevin followed, but stayed a distance from him. He monitored Trevor's movements. He saw how quick his friend got the hang of stealing and he knew he had to put a stop to it. Kevin took out his phone and dialed in a number.

"Got it, let's go!" Trevor said before exiting the store.

Kevin stood there, not moving. Trevor looked back to see the police ready to arrest him. "Sir, I'd have to ask you to put the CD back on the shelf and come to the station with me."

"You betrayer!" Trevor yelled.

"You were the one that broke our promise first."