Undress all that you are, leave tantalizing pores open for the taking

Breathe in my organic personality, the way I move and bend around your bone structure

Lay hands in the small of my back,

support me and leave imprints for me to find later

Remember this like a map, trace rivers and cliffs, tell me where the stars would shine

And where the best sunsets will happen

Take me on an adventure, blindfold me and kiss my lips

Capture my breath, pocket it in your lungs

The most beautiful thing I will wear tonight is my skin

Stroke, slide, slither your way into all its crevices, hidden places you never knew

Count my ribs

Trace my collarbones with your tongue

And leave words in my ear for playback at a later date

Lets perfume this room with sweat

Breathe portraits on the windows

Please be raw tonight in all that you are

Harsh words captured in your fisted hand

Bathe in a new insecurity

let the sorry sights fall from your eyelashes

Wash my self image down the drain,

build me new eyes made from your mouth

And kiss the places you love me the most

In certain light we will rewrite the day

Make shadows creep across the wall, throw back the sun

Our bare feet they will cry for something hard

as we dance in each others flowery flirtatious ways

Undress all that you are, I will do the same

Repaint my thoughts, masterpieces that change with time

And I'll perfect the curve in your smile

Curl up in the dimples when you laugh

Running my hand down your chest

We're thinking of forests, naked bare and angelic

Breathing life and all that they should be