to withdraw one's support or help from, especially in spite of duty, allegiance, or responsibility; desert.

It appeared to be painted black with twinkling glitters and shine, blanketed on top this lonely world. Darkness slipped in, without complaint of how horrible the taste was. Negative feelings were something mixed with despair and pain together, a chaotic favorite I believe. Maybe the falling stars are the buttons on a jacket, falling off slowly into a place like this. Chaos has its own bittersweetness, now that I think about it.

"Hi, Mubi have another bad dream?" His eyelashes were fluttering along with the breeze, painfully trying to break the the addiction. He soon awoke, sleepily appreciating the presence and help. "I want to understand. Please tell me."

"I was looking at the moon because it was said that all mothers come from there," I think he had given punishment to the orb in the sky, because it hid behind the dark clouds and began to cry. "but she did not bother to leave it and left me all alone."

"Mother of Mubi left a long time ago. How long now?" Her existence was merely something else, she existed elsewhere. His mother was a disappearing and dying person, her form is always changing into different things. Right now she is a pillow that he was sleeping on earlier. "Anyways, I think mother of Mubi wants us to go home now."

"First it is not Mubi, it's Akumu! Second, I don't want to go back!" His attitude has changed out of fury, this kind of anger could be felt depending how mad he is. He seems to have temperamental issues, but that is not it at all. It is his name when he is very angry. "Third, is that Byakko can't leave me. And fourth is Akumu is not mad at anyone, just at himself."

In the land of Nod, he collasped and fell deeply into slumber without looking back or saying goodnight to me. Night was swept away by the sun, as if it was pushing away all the negativity out of the sky. How it shined brightly, it must be the most positive thing left in this world. I envied myself and the rest of us who live here with him, because he will never get to see the beauty of the sun and morning.