Along time ago when the Gods still walked among men there was a young lady. She loved a young man but she kept a great secret from him. This young man that the young lady loved, did not know that she kept this secret from him and he believed they would soon marry and grow old together. So he kept asking for the young lady's hand in marriage but the young lady always found excuses to delay her answer.

One day the young man was sitting by the koi pond wondering aloud as to why the young lady refused him so; she obviously loved him. A water sprite felt sorry for the young man and decided to tell him. The water sprite told the young man that the young lady was actually a koi spirit and one day she was going to turn into a koi and live under the water. Because it wasn't a curse, not even the strongest of loves could prevent it. The young man was upset by the news but resolved to confront the young lady.

And so he did. The young man told the young lady that even though she was going to turn into a koi, she should at least live happily in his house while she was human. The young lady was very relieved and they married at once.

They lived together for a long time and were very happy but one day when the young man woke he could not find his love anywhere and he knew she had turned into a koi. The young man raced down to the koi pond calling for his love. When he got there a beautiful koi was swimming near the surface. With one look in the koi's eyes, the young man knew it was his love. Oh, how his heart ached. If his love had to live in the water, he would follow her. And so the young man drowned himself.

High above in the clear sky, the Gods saw what great love lived in the young man and young lady. Because of this, the Gods turned the young man into a koi and grated long life to both of them so that their happiness could not be diminished. And together they lived in the Koi Pond.