Title:Road of Memories
Rating: PG (K)
Genre: General
Summary: A despondent rider down memory lane

The wind gently pushed back at him; teasing him gently with sweet promises of spring. The rider gripped the rubber handles tighter as he pushed for more acceleration and slowing as he met a curve near the beach.

His black helmet reflected the brief light of the sun before the storm clouds hid the yellow inferno.

As the curve merged onto the deserted highway, he drifted back to the memories when he was blissfully happy.

He felt the engine shifting gears as he begun to pick up speed and taking him away from the cold empty beach for a warmer climate down south.

The wind became harsher as the cold and warm front met just as he past the state line wishing that she was right beside him on her dark purple Ninja; laughing as they race the wind.

He slowed down his own black Ninja just as he came across another curve and narrowly missed the red stop sign before speeding up again; he was reckless and once long ago, so was she.

The silence of the atmosphere was now eerie as he entered the towering Redwoods forest that hid the sun.

She used to slow down to admire the natural beauty that was untouched by man but withering to the ever-changing weather.

He smiled as he remembered her stopping to let a pair of squirrels run past by and how she would just sit on her bike staring into the hidden mysteries of the towering trees before resuming her pace.

He picked up speed remembering the familiarity of the landmarks; knowing exactly when to decrease his speed as he turned flawlessly with another curve.

It was months ago when she made the same flawless turn but that was in another time and place.

Now she was patiently waiting.