Pool w/o Water

By: DStone39

A/N: A slight one-shot I wrote one tireless night... It was to somewhat inspire myself to go through with something... Read, review...even if you hate it or love it...


A dim light veiled the large table, covered with a leather cloth. Shadows of thin, wooden sticks covered the wall, with a large clock above the head of the table.

They say, "all the world's a stage, and we are all merely players."

The boy takes off the thick cover, revealing a scarlet cloth, covering the table from rail to rail. Folding the cover back and tossing it aside, he begins to remove the colored balls from each one of the six pockets.

I say that that's a bunch of bull.

Taking off a wooden rack from the wall, the spheres are aligned in a diamond at the head of the table. Designated with a black dot, he sets it that the head ball is perfectly perpendicular to the second diamond on the rail.

People aren't supposed to "act" their lives…

Grabbing the stick farthest to the right, he slips it out of the wooden cue rack, and begins to chalk the tip of the cue with a fine, red powder. Pulling out the unmarked ball, he places it on the table, inches from the right rail. Once again set perpendicular to the second diamond, the foot-string. Lining up the cue tip directly towards the second ball in the diamond, he practices the stroke.

they are supposed to live them.


A sound of thunder erupts from the table, as the balls are scattered from the once perfect rack by the cue ball. Two or three find themselves in the pockets they started out in.

Life starts out solid, where others cater to you. You are in uniform with everyone else. Congruent. Perfectly aligned, as one.

The boy pulls back his cue before the scattered balls strike it. He then ponders what his next move is.

Once you're older, life is broken. Disturbed by the forces of society and adulthood. Some fall victim to such actions. The others, they choose what they're lives should be. Being different. Unique.

The target was the yellow ball, found behind the striped 9. If it weren't for the striped, the boy would have had a perfect shot at the 1. He aims the cue towards the closest rail, hoping that the ball bounces off and hits the 1 in exactly the right spot for the pocket.

People are the levels in life. They'll always be blocking you from your goals. You have to take chances to succeed. A risk must have enough of a warrant to gain a gratuitous reward.

A tap of the cue sends the ball flying towards the rail and bounces into the 1, sinking into pocket. The white bounces off down the to the foot of the table where is lands, touching a purple ball.

Rewards. If you succeed in your goal, then you were very lucky. The risk to try to reach such a goal was aided with your skills. Without them, you could have fallen off the bridge you were trying to build.

When a ball is touching another, the force exerted on the initial ball, in this scenario, the white, will mostly transfer through to the end of the chain. A frozen ball is never a good move in this game.

Your rewards do not come without a condition though. With a reward comes a bigger risk. You must not take the chances you had once before. For if you do so…

The boy tries to bank the ball of the foot-rail, hoping that it finds its way to the blue number 2.

…you risk losing your rewards.

The ball flies into the rail, where in then bounces into the pocket. The boy fouled his shot.

Once losing your precious rewards, you take something from them. A substantial amount of knowledge you did not have before. If you are wise, you'll put this to good use. For instance, taking chances sometimes yields a reward.

Swearing at his foul, he picks the ball, and hands it to his opponent. The girl then takes the ball, and sets in a direct shot with the blue ball once targeted by the boy.

Though, it does beg the question. Are some people better at taking chances than others? Or are they following a direct line to get their rewards? Is it luck, or can one plan one's life?

She pockets the 2, and runs the table to the black 8-ball. Smirking at the boy, she leaves the table for him to take a shot. The boy is left in the same position he was given at the beginning. The striped 9 blocking the 8-ball.

Sure a plan is always good to follow to get through life. But to succeed, you need to take risks. Risks like you took at the beginning. To be naïve, and to just give it a shot for the sake of a goal you've coveted from the very beginning.

The boy knows he can take the same chance from the start of the game. And be put it a straight run on the 9 to win the game. Although, because of his earlier experiences, he hesitates at taking the shot. Beginning to sweat, he aims at the rail like before, unsure if he wants to take the same risk. The girl watches from the darkness, to see if the boy can really pull off a win.

Life is like a game. In order to win, you need to play. If you don't play, if you don't take risks, if you doubt yourself, you will never win. Just follow through with reckless abandon, and hope that the risk yields the greatest reward you've ever had.

Watching the boy take each nervous practice stroke, the girl really wants him to win so he can have what he's wanted from the beginning. The boy wants to win. He thinks to himself and tries to break through his caution, and take a risk. He banks the cue ball off the rail and caroms off the 8, sending it to the pocket. Where he is perfectly lined up for the 9, he wipes the sweat from his face, and calls the shot.

"Nine in the left side pocket."

Who knows? You could achieve the reward that you'd loved to have from the very beginning.

The boy takes the shot after smirking at the girl.

A/N: This is also a slight preview of my next story... If you haven't figured it out yet, (which you might have not...) this is a parlor/bar game known as billards, or pool. (Hence, Pool w/o Water...) I'm sure most of your expriences with pool have been virtual at best... like a meta-game in Grand Theft Auto 4. The game easy to explain, but slightly lengthy... The objective of Nine-Ball (the game the boy and girl were playing) is to sink the yellow-striped nine in one of the six pockets around the table, one at each corner and two on the long rail sides. But first, you must pocket the solid one through eight balls in succession. If you are confused, trying wiki'ing or googling it. Anyways, I'm not going to say much, but my next story might be based on pool, since it is one of my favorite hobbies. I'll try to make it a bit different from Unexpected Love, but there might be some obvious similarities. Anyways, enjoy the preview, and if I have anytime between Rock Band 2 (HORRAY!), my AP Eng. assignment (The Scarlet Letter...shudders Thank you, Sparknotes!), and Twilight (en espanol... pero...err...but still, I want to try to finish that before 12-12-08), you might see the first chapter pop up... All it takes is my crazy friends and a good Dr. Pepper. Later, y'all.