How can you do this to me

How can you do this to me?

I bleed!

My heart bleeds when I see you

You just smile

Can't you see?

Can't you see you're killing me?

With that smile you mine as well stab me

Stab my heart

Give me a real reason to bleed

To die

Sometimes I wonder

Would it be easier for me if you hated me?

If you told me to leave

If you didn't know I existed

But no

You are always there

Always near me

Tempting me

Reminding me

My friend

It seems like you'll never be more

Like you will never give me a real answer

I wish I knew

Then it would be so much easier

Not to notice your brown eyes

Your black hair

Your stunning smile

Your warm comforting voice

Your irresistible smell

I could put that all behind me

I could move on

But this uncertainty

It rips my heart

I wish I could see into your mind

I wish I could figure it out

I want to ask

I want to tell you

But I'm afraid

Yes, I'm scared

Scared that we will fall apart

Fall apart if you didn't care for me

I don't think I could take that

Yet that is a contradiction

My love for you is a contradiction

I worship you

But sometimes I want to forget your face

If only you cared

If you loved me

Or if not

If I could only forget you

Forget that I ever loved you