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Warnings: language, possible abuse, possible sex

Summary: My type is hot. My type of girl has a nice ass and sexy body. My type is not fat and goofy; I don't like girls who catch dragonflies. Well, that is, until now.

The day I met Shine Russo, I knew she was something different from the start. Me? I wasn't so special or different. I was… to be honest, something of a conceited asshole. I mean, I was the same as everyone else, I guess.

But anyways, Shine, she was something different. I remember it pretty decently, actually, probably because Shine was sort of like an annoying song that won't get out of your head. Once you met her, you really couldn't forget her.

So it was early June, right after school had finished. My mom decided it would be a brilliant idea for me to go and become a camp counselor and this summer program called Camp Oskenegee. Despite all my protests, she signed me up, and there I was, stuck for five weeks in the middle of a forest near a lake. Great.

Obviously, I couldn't survive that five weeks without a computer or human contact (except for bratty little kids), so I begged my girlfriend Lyssa to sign up as well, and dragged my best friend Preston into the huge mess as well. Lyssa was thrilled because we could spend five weeks together without parental supervision; Preston wasn't as happy.

But never the less, we packed our bags two days after we got out of school, and my parents drove us to Camp Oskenegee. (I know, what kind of name is Oskenegee? It's pronounced Oh-Skehn-Ih-Ghee, just in case you're wondering. Oh, and the reason I didn't drive myself was because my parents knew that I'd just ditch. They wanted to be sure I got there safely. Jerks).

Lyss, Preston, and I sat for an hour in a half in the car, under the constant rearview mirror checking of my mom and dad to make sure we were being appropriate. I'm not going to lie; I was almost relieved when we finally got out of the damn car.

It kind of made me think what it would be like when I got dropped off for college. My parents were sitting hesitantly in the front seats of the car as Lyss, Preston, and I clambered out. Some woman who looked like an completely psycho tree-hugging nut popped out and yelped, "Welcome to Camp Oskenegee!"

The way Preston tells it, I almost wet my pants, but in all honesty, Preston was the one who jumped about a foot in the air and tried to run back into my parents' car, begging them to please take him home. Preston isn't so hot around tree-hugging nuts.

Oh, and I know what you're thinking, but that tree hugger wasn't Shine Russo. She comes in a little later.

But, going back to Preston, my parents refused, leaving Preston in a tree-hugger infested hell with "damn trees" and "damn plants" and "damn animals." My mom and dad drove away so quickly, I thought a cougar had come out or something, and was trying to eat them.

No cougar.

Just a whining Preston and an unenthusiastic looking Lyss.

I gave them an exasperated look. "Can you guys at least try to be excited?"

Lyss rolled her eyes, "Hmm, let me think. No, Miles." She pulled her blonde hair into a ponytail and glared at me.

When Lyss was angry, she was a sarcastic bitch.

I still liked her though. (Plus, she was hot as hell).

"Preston?" I said, looking over at my best friend.

No luck there. Preston was crawling around on the ground, like Velma looking for her glasses in Scooby Doo. He looked up at me and made a sound that sounded like a cross between a whimper and a growl.

"Come on, guys," I muttered. I was pretty pissed off at them, to be truthful. Well, I know it was my fault for dragging them along to this godforsaken Camp Oskenegee, but they could at least try to put on some happy faces.

The crazy peppy woman seemed to come out of nowhere again. "Hello, Camp Oskenegee-ers! I'm Julie! You must be the counselors! Well bring your stuff, and come with me! We're all meeting in the dining hall so we can all learn who we're working with before the kids arrive tomorrow!"

The woman was talking at about one million miles per hour. She was actually talking like Youmustbethecounselorswellbringyourstuffandcomewithme but it was bad enough listening to that woman than having to mimic her too.

Preston shot me an angry glare and I ignored him. Bastard.

Preston and Lyss walked off, leaving me behind to lug my stupid suitcase. Apparently, they expected me to bring theirs as well. I breathed a deep sigh of frustration, and slung Lyss's backpack over my shoulder. I thought about yelling at them, but they already came here with me, so I guess I owed them that much.

About twenty minutes later, I'd finally managed to struggle up the hill with three suitcases and three backpacks in tow. I dropped everything outside, panting, and walked into the dining hall.

Crazy peppy woman Julie threw a shirt at me, which I unraveled. On it was a smiling, cartoony beaver with a speech bubble saying, "Camp Oskenegee Counselors ROCK!"

I almost cried then. I gripped the shirt in my right hand, shuddering with embarrassment as I went over and stood with the unhappy Lyss and miserable Preston.

"Why did you sign us up for Hell?" Preston wanted to know, as he pushed back his messy, brown hair. His hazel eyes shone with anger.

"Shut up," I grumbled under my breath. I thought about how if Mom and Dad tried to make me do this next summer, I'd slash the wheels of the car.

"ORDER IN THE COURT!" came a howl. Of course, it was Julie again, but now she was joined by an equally crazy-looking man who introduced himself as Bobby.

"HELLO CAMPERS!" Julie screeched. Her glasses bounced on her nose and she looked over at Bobby.

"You all are here to be leaders at-" Bobby started.

"CAMP OSKENEGEE!" Julie interrupted Bobby, flinging her arms up, and almost hitting him in the face.

"Well right now we're just going to make sure all of you are here," Bobby said. "Basically, you'll be paired up with a camp counselor of the opposite sex to direct activities. There are many different activities at Camp Oskenegee, and you will be rotating with your partner to do all of them!"

Shoot me in the face.

"ROLECALL!" screamed Julie. "Just say if you're here!"

I perked up, waiting for my name. I always have to do this. You'll see why pretty soon.

"Abert, Jason."


"Anderson, Sara."


"Carson, David."


"Davis, Jack."


"Dylar, Damon."


"Everett, Nathan."


"Fankuchen, Alyssa."

"Here." Lyssa glared furiously at me, and I pretended not to notice.

"Frasier, Gabrielle."


"Kimble, Preston."

"Here," Preston managed this reluctantly, as if wishing his name wasn't Preston Kimble, and he was off on some distant planet where little kids and Camp Oskenegee had been obliterated.

"Kramer, August."


"Livingston, Summer."


At this point, I started waiting for me to come up. Sure enough, I was next.

"Miles, Be-"

"Here!" I interrupted. "I go by Miles," I rushed hurriedly on before Julie could stop to protest.



What were my parents smoking when they came up with my name?

Apparently my dad had a great-great uncle named Beckwith and my mom thought it was an "adorable" name. So of course I got to inherit it.

A few of the other camp counselors threw me curious glances, and Preston had an evil expression plastered on his face. I guess he was happy that I had to suffer because he had to suffer after all, but couldn't he just leave me the hell alone?

Lyss gave me a sympathetic glance. She squeezed my hand. I smiled grimly.

Usually I stop listening after my name is called, because the worst is over with. This was the case this time, so I basically tuned out for the rest of the counselors. There were thirty-five of us, and we all got to know each other later, I didn't care to listen to all their names right now. Boring.

But we got through the letters just fine, until we hit R.

Yeah, I know what you're thinking, and this time you're right.

"Russo, Shine."

There was no answer.

"Russo, Shine?" Bobby looked around with a confused expression.


"RUSSO, SHINE?" That was Julie, obviously.

A fat girl wearing a long skirt walked into the dining hall, a wreath made out of dandelions in her hair. "Oh, Shine? That's me."

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