In this cherry blossom tree, I have been always waiting for him to notice me

In this cherry blossom tree, I have been always waiting for him to notice me. It was been 16 years since I first met him. And it has been 16 years since I died in a car accident.

I remember him always and until now I still remember him and because of that, I can't seem to go to the other side. I want him to notice me and to smile again.

"Hm?... I thought someone was calling me" Daiichi said and looked at the cherry blossom tree.

Ah! he's there! I'm here! I'm here! Daiichi...

Ah... he still doesn't see me. But I will follow him until he notices. I have been following him until now but I feel relaxed and happy just staying by his side.

Everyday... everyday... I always wait for him to visit the cherry blossom tree and I always... always... follow him to school until he goes home and I go back to the tree again and wave him goodbye.

I wish the day would come that he would see me again. The girl that he met under the cherry blossom tree.

The next morning, as always, Daiichi went to visit the cherry blossom tree and the girl following him to school and until he goes home. Everyday was the same until...

Hm? some kind of aura is surrounding Daiichi. What could it be?

"He's going to die today" A man with a huge scythe answered.

Daiichi will... die today? No! he's too young to die! his parents will get sad when he dies! He must live! I must warn Daiichi--

"You can't warn him because you're only a ghost and if he dies then it's your time to go to the other side" The death god said.

I'll try everything to stop him from dying!

"Do what you want... I don't care much anyway. You can't change a person's destiny" The death god said.

I'll stop... I'll stop... I'll stop Daiichi!!

But the accident happened and Daiichi died. His parents grieved him and also the girl under the cherry blossom tree.

"Why are you crying?" A familiar voice asked.

Hm? D-Daiichi!? It...It really is you! You're-- you're dead...

"Thank goodness, I finally found you" Daiichi suddenly said.

Huh? Daiichi? What are you talking about...

"I can finally see you" Daiichi smiled.

But you're dead! Your parents are lonely! Why are you smiling...

"My parents are not that lonely" Daiichi pointed at them.

They're... smiling? Why!? why are they laughing!?

"I once told them about a girl that was under the cherry blossom tree" Daiichi said.

Eh? but you can't see me right?

"You're right, I didn't see you but I felt your presence" Daiichi answered.

What did you tell your parents about me?

"I fell in love with her" Daiichi replied.

That's impossible! why would you fall in love with a ghost!

"You were that girl I saw when I was just a kid, right? When I saw you that time, I already fell in love with you" Daiichi said.


"I went back here but you didn't appear and I just heard that you died because of a car accident" Daiichi said.

"From that day, I always visit the cherry blossom tree and I was hoping to see your spirit just once" Daiichi said.

So you already knew I was there... Why didn't you even call me!?

"I didn't know if the feeling I felt was really your spirit so I just visited the cherry blossom tree everyday" Daiichi answered.

Everyday... even if it rained or snowed... you always visit this tree to visit me...

"My parents are happy that I'm already with the girl I love" Daiichi finally said.

Daiichi... Daiichi! I love you! I love you!

"It's time to go to the other side now" The death god suddenly appeared.

Both of the spirits went to heaven with a very relaxed.

Darling! I think I see Daiichi's spirit!

Where? where?

There! can you see it?

Daiichi... rest in peace... and also you, Yuuki.