a/n: so this is just a mini-series thingo i'm gunna write when i have writer's block, or i'm bored. they will all be romantic scenes. they are connected to each other in every single way. except some times it may be in Ciana's point of view, other times it will be in Jacob's point of view -- hell, it could be in the point of view of Ciana's cat (if she has a cat, i'm not sure). it's like a writing exercise for me when i'm stuck on my main stories.

hope you all like it.

p.s. those lyrics are not owned by me. they are by bands that are pretty well-known. so yeah, i dont claim to own them.

o v e r . a n d . o v e r

by o n l y . p r e t e n d i n g.

She was probably the strangest creature he'd ever seen.

She was always changing – her moods, personality traits, everything. Essentially she was a bubbly person, a happy person. But underneath he could tell there were secrets, darker she liked to let on. She was cute, tall but skinny. Her hair colour was so different from everybody else's (it was what he liked most about her), and he was quite sure that it was natural. It was a pity that people had taunted her for it most of her life. Kids were cruel and it made him angry to hear the nicknames her "friends" came up for her behind her back. It was a ginger colour, a very light red. Beautiful – but he knew from experience that she loathed it with a passion. Her eyes were a bluey-green, but mostly blue. Sometimes gray, they were always changing like her. She was a lot smaller than him, he'd been tall all his life, but she was taller than the average teen girl. He liked that she was different, unique in everything she did and said.

Just to prove she wasn't like other people, she'd dyed her whole under-layer pink once.

He had loved it.

Her pink lips stretched into a smile when she saw him. "So scratch my eyes out." She greeted in her usual manner. He remembered from months ago her informing him quite seriously that 'hello' and 'hi' were overrated and overdone. She'd vowed never to say those words again unless she had to. So instead she mouthed off random lyrics as her greeting to everyone she knew. Her ginger hair was up today, in a weird curly bun thing he couldn't figure out. He liked it down and rather fluffed up. She looked sexy like that. He hated it when she tied her silky locks back; it meant he couldn't mess it up as easily, something he enjoyed doing. "You look tired," she observed casually, smiling slightly. She was so shy. She rarely ever touched him unless he made the first move to hug her – he would have to change that. "Didn't you sleep very well last night?"

He looked at her blankly, but not unkindly. "Ciana," he loved the way her name rolled off his tongue. It suited her as well. "I slept in a park last night. You be the judge of that." He didn't want to seem cold, but sarcasm was natural to him. It just took over his words, he never meant to sound like that.

Ciana merely winced and touched his arm lightly, sending sparks through the limb. She had to stop doing that. "Why? Did something happen?" her big eyes stared up at him. They looked so innocent. He wasn't going to tell her, and she knew it. "Are you okay?" He could tell her over imagination was jumping to conclusions already. He almost grinned. "You should have gone to someone's house."

He raised an eyebrow, "Whose house would I have gone to? There isn't anyone."

She flushed. "You could have come to mine." Her voice was small, insecure. "Or you know," she shrugged. "You do have a girlfriend, Jacob. Who, by the way," she licked her lips. "Loves you very much."

Jacob froze when he realized how close he was to her, to her lips.

He wished he could just take her and kiss her senseless. But she wasn't like that. He had a girlfriend, she was loyal to people – even if she didn't know them very well. Still, everything inside him was telling him to just let go and show Ciana just how beautiful she was. Her hair reminded him of fire, each strand more beautiful than the last. He wanted to touch it, to feel just how soft her cheeks were. To count how many freckles there were on her cute little button nose. His fingers itched to wander places that weren't for public eyes. She was tiny compared to him; he could pluck her up and carry her away without anyone ever seeing. They were the only ones who had made it to the Spot, where everyone from their friendship circle hung out.

"Jacob?" she asked, her voice was almost musical.

"Yes?" he said, a little too huskily. His mind was running away with him.

Ciana blushed a bright red. But it was cute. Everything about her was adorable, Jacob found her more attractive than his own girlfriend. "I think your cool," she finally muttered, her eyes weren't focused on anything specific. She was nervous, but it was her way of offering an opening for him to vent. He wasn't about to dump all his problems on her though, she'd worry too much. "And if you want to talk…" she trailed off, biting her lip, as if searching for the right word. "I'll be watching, waiting for you." She again, began to say a line from a song.

He smiled and opened his arms. A flash of happiness crossed across her face as Ciana wrapped her arms around him. He felt good when he hugged her, like all his troubles seemed to float away. She gave good hugs. Comforting hugs, friendly hugs. It didn't matter; she had that touch so many didn't. He wanted to hug her longer, but she pulled away to look at him shyly. In the distance, Jacob could see the rest of their friends making their way towards the Spot (as they had decided to name it so long ago).

"You know," Jacob whispered in her ear. Instead of saying the lyrics, I sung them. "Over and over, over and over – I fall for you. Over and over, over and over – I try not to."

Ciana looked up at him with those orbs, filled with so much emotion. "You have a girlfriend," she whispered hoarsely. "Shouldn't you be singing that to her?"

Jacob could see my girlfriend coming, a beam placed across her tanned skin.

But he didn't want her.

He wanted Ciana, needed her.

Jacob sung again, just to make sure she'd gotten the message clearly. "Over and over, over and over – you make me fall for you. Over and over, over and over – you don't even try to."

The joy in her face spoke volumes.

But Jacob couldn't kiss her yet. No matter how many times he wanted to.