Something Above Love

Saturday night, August 30

The sound of our argument is loud in the empty alleyway behind Melting Frost, the club where Jon hangs out with his friends, but the sound of Jon's slap on my left cheek is even louder than that. Echoing and ringing, at least to my ears.

Our relationship is over, if I can even call it a relationship since he has never publicly admitted me as his boyfriend. He leaves me slumping against the dirty wall without a backward glance, and I know I will be forgotten as soon as he slips through the club's backdoor into the crowded room full of smoke and din and the clutches of his friends.

My slapped cheek is smarting and throbbing, and I don't realize that my glasses have been knocked down by Jon's blow until I see a pair of legs encased in black standing in front of me.

I hadn't heard him approaching, and I wonder for a brief moment if he'd seen the ugly scene, but he picks up my glasses, that fortunately were not broken, and offers them to me silently. I take the glasses, but I don't put them back on. I try to straightening myself, feeling unexpectedly thankful for the supporting wall behind me, and by doing so I expose my naked face to the silent stranger.

His face is a blur to my myopic eyes, but he must be able to see me clearly, disheveled and miserable, because the next thing he does is touching my reddened cheek gently.

His fingers feel cool to my heated skin, and the sound of his voice was mellifluous, "How could someone as beautiful as you let a man do this to you?"

I'm startled by both his touch and his voice, but it is his words that jolt my heart and make it ache.

I take a deep breath before replying somewhat calmly, "Perhaps because it's love." Then I add a bit shakily, "It's like doing drugs."

His answer to that comes quickly and so matter-of-fact, accompanied by a disarming smile. "It doesn't mean that it cannot be cured."

Then my eyes suddenly focus on a handsome face with sparkling blue eyes drawing near to mine, and I feel his dry, warm lips kiss me so tenderly that it takes my breath away.


Sunday midday, August 31

"Wake up, sleeping beauty," a sing-song voice pulls me from my half-sleeping state. I blink, feeling fuzzy from sleep and the absence of my glasses. Then someone puts the glasses on my nose, and I see a smiling face hovering above me.

The memories from last night come rushing back, and I can feel my face go from pale to red. But before I can close my eyes in embarrassment, the stranger from last night, Seth, cups my blushing face and kisses me.

It is a very sweet kiss; it successfully halts any awkward words that are going out of my mouth and it effectively settles me down to calm.

"Let's have a quick brunch, and then we'll play in the pool before having a go at squash." Seth mumbles while still peppering me with small kisses. "I heard playing squash is good for stress relief."

I can only nod while a part of my mind points out how different Seth and Jon are. Seth has been so caring to me since last night up until now, and I'm sure that even today's plan is made with some thoughtful consideration for my state. While Jon, my ex-boyfriend, never cared for anything except himself and his reputation.


Tuesday night, September 2

I've just got off the phone after talking with Seth for almost two hours. I'd wanted to continue, but Seth insisted on ending our phone call because he knows that I have morning class tomorrow and it's almost midnight now.

I can't remember everything we talked about, but it had been fun. Seth is nice, funny, and warm. I already miss him, a man I only met three days ago, and Jon gets further and further away from my mind.

Wednesday morning, September 3

"Ian! Where have you been, man? I've been looking for you all over the campus." Toby ambushes me as I am getting out of my first class.

"Nowhere. My classes don't start until today." I answer simply, and keep on walking to my next class.

Toby trails along beside me, whispering to my ear, "Do you know that your so-called boyfriend has been attached to the hip with Georgette since Monday?"

I'm glad that I don't stumble on my walk or even flinch on hearing this not-so-surprising news about my ex-boyfriend. "I don't know and I don't care because we're over." I reply steadily, knowing that Toby is watching my expression carefully.

A moment of silence Toby contemplates my unexpected answer, then he says lightly, "That's good. Jon is such an asshole, and I've wondered forever when you would dump him."

"Actually he dumped me," I quip.

"Whatever, man." Toby rolls his eyes. "You're too good for him anyway. Now Georgette, she's the right girl for him."


"The thing about Georgette is that she's… she's a widespread kind of woman, you know?"

And I just can't help but laugh over Toby's choice of long words to substitute for the word slut. To this day Toby is polite to all females that way because he can't shake off the experiences and teachings of growing up with five older sisters.


Friday afternoon, September 19

I'm sitting on the back porch of Seth's house. His back porch is right beside a swimming pool that opens directly to the ocean. I like Seth's house, especially this part where I can sit and relax with the sound of the ocean and the feel of salty breeze lulling me.

It's been three weeks since I first met him, and my days have been full of him and the joy he brings along. We can't meet everyday since we have classes and other things to do, but we try to be together as much as possible.

Seth doesn't like going to crowded and public places, and it suits me just fine. Although we did managed to go to the dolphin show and visit the Seaworld on one of our "public" dates. I find that I don't care much where Seth takes me to on a date as long as I'm with him.

Seth inspires numerous feelings in my heart, wonderful and warm feelings so different from the ones my ex had inspired in me. With such feelings occupying my heart, I've come to realize that I don't feel anything anymore for my ex, not even when I saw him sucking face with his new girlfriend.

Could it be that I'm falling in love with Seth after merely three weeks of knowing him? That maybe I am already in love with him? I am amazed to find that the answer is positively: YES.

Yes, I am in love with Seth. Yes, I want to be with Seth for the rest of my life. Yes, I want to tell the world how much I love Seth.

I am broken from my reverie when I feel a pair of familiar arms wrap around me. Seth doesn't say anything, he just holds me tenderly and places a soft kiss on my neck. And I feel so much, too much, from this gentle and affectionate gesture that I can't help blurting out my feelings.

"I think they should make a new word that can truly explain what I'm feeling. A word above affection, above love... One word that has more meanings than all the words that have ever existed," I babble, half nervous, half giddy. "Because the word love is not enough to convey what I'm feeling now," I go on. "Because you've given me so much more than these words can express."

Seth doesn't reply, but I know he's listening because I can feel his arms tightening around me. Then he takes a deep breath, and releases me from his arms. He rummages in his pocket and comes out with a simple platinum ring.

He is sitting facing me now, and then he slowly, reverently slips the ring on my wedding finger and says, "I hope this is enough to convey what I'm feeling for you."


Tuesday night, September 30

Our one month anniversary. It's ridiculous, and it borders on absurdity, but Seth insists that we count the day of our relationship since that fateful night on August 30. He also insists that we celebrate it properly with candlelight dinner and all that jazz.

Seth's romantic gestures and his kindness always make me feel so loved, so cherished. And they make me realize that I don't need a new word to really explain what I'm feeling, I only need to act on what I'm feeling to convey it.

Just like Seth has been doing to me all this time.


So, I finally finished another fic from hell. Forgive me for the poor quality and the plot that's not quite mine. Please imagine that you're reading a yaoi manga when you read this fic, it'll make the plot more acceptable.

This fic is the answer for Freak-of-Spade's September challenge:

Theme is 'rebound'. Main character gets ditched, gets into a rebound relationship. Whether the rebound relationship succeeds or fails or the MC gets back with the person who ditches him at first or finds another person or ends up with their rebound is all up to you.
Main action must be set in September.
Must use the words: ocean, reverie, smoke, sulky, nowhere, absurdity and frost in any way you want so long they're in the story.
One character must say: "The thing about Georgette is that she's…she's a widespread kind of woman, you know?"
A kiss that makes the reader go 'WTF?!' (whether in surprise or delight or horror is all up to you)
No excessive angst.
No obvious mention of love by a character. Therefore, no 'I like you,' 'I love you' 'My heart belongs to you' etc. If you need a character to let another character know of his love, find a super-subtle/obscure way to put it.

I hope this fic meets the challenge. My thanks go to Letto's Permintaan Hati, some words in this fic are borrowed from the video clip, drazuki for giving me some advice, and Hybrid Rainbow for reviewing my review-less ficlet, thus indirectly encouraging me to finish this fic.

Beta-ed thanks to falconer007. All remaining mistakes are mine.