As I sit in my chair, my mind wonders away


By: mind.of.wonder

As I sit in my chair, my mind wonders away

No matter how hard I try, it won't seem to stay

It brings me to a place full of wonder and majesty

A vast magnificent world as far as I could see


Sometimes, I am a knight slaying a gigantic beast

Or a great king eating in a royal feast,

A man who can run at the speed of light

Maybe a boxer, winning a championship fight


I can be a prince, finding his damsel in distress

This is the one I like most of all, I must confess

When I'm riding the forest with my noble steed

I follow the stars, to where it might lead


Then I see her, in a tower up above

I shout words, to give her my love

Then, suddenly, a dragon appears in front of my eyes

A monster so big, it covers the skies


It bursts out flames, with my shield I defend

There is no fear in my heart, I'll fight til' the end

I draw my sword, and I slash him with an attack so profound

The world shakes as it hits the ground


Finally, the princess in my arms I hold

I can't wait for what was about to unfold

In her eyes, I just look and stare

But then, I find myself back in my chair