This is something me and a friend have been kicking around for a while. I thought it would be a good idea to let you all know, yes, I am continuing the story. I'm really sorry I haven't updated in a long time. School has been chaos to put it lightly. No names are said so no one knows whos who and where they come from.


A scream emitted through the forest. The male wolf demon bent down and kissed his mates neck. The female wolf demon shut her eyes tight, tears leaking out the sides. He didn't want to hurt his mate but he knew she wanted cubs. He licked the tears away and nuzzled her cheek, waiting for his mate.

A few minutes later the female opened her eyes and looked at her mate. She nodded and the male moved his hips back. He pushed his hips forward again and stopped. The female gasped in a mix of pleasure and pain. She was still new to the process of mating. She tightened her grip around her mates' neck and threw her head back, letting out a loud moan.

The male began pulling his hips back and pushing them forward again, slowly gaining power and speed. The female had to bite her lip from screaming out in pleasure. She dug her claws into his shoulders, causing him to grit his teeth. She leaned in and kissed her mates' lips.

After the male had released his seed in his mate twice, he thought of removing himself from her and resting. Her pleading looks and whines as he began pulling out made him stop and smile. He kissed his mates' lips and pushed back inside. She moaned into his mouth and slipped her tongue inside. Their tongues danced in each other's mouths as he slid in and out of her. He grabbed her hips and lifted her up. He turned around and sat down, leaning against the tree. He set her on his lap and tried to slide out. He only slid out a little way when the female lifted herself up, acting on instinct. She let herself fall down back onto his lap. She rose and fell using his shoulders to help steady herself. The male demon leaned his head back against the tree and opened his mouth, exposing his fangs. He let out a long slow moan as he grabbed his mates hips and force them down. She threw her head back and moaned in pleasure.

She collapsed onto him, their chest rising and falling quickly. She tried to slide off of him but ended up falling off. The male turned and touched his mates sweat covered body. He ran his hands along her hip, up her side and cupped her cheek. He laid down beside her and wrapped his arms around her. Kissing her forehead, he snuggled up close and nuzzled her cheek. She pulled her arms in close and nuzzled her mates' chest, breathing in his scent, before falling asleep. The male demon stroked his mates' hair and followed his mate, falling asleep peacefully next to her.

I hope you liked the short little scene. It is part of the story line but it's farther in. Way farther in.