Note: This bit was borne of a really bad day.

I keep hoping that I'm not going to live past 30. I don't want to get to the point where the generation after mine comes into power. Hell, I don't want to be there when my generation comes to power but that's a different rant for a different day.

So back to the hopeless future and the idiot youth. I get that this upcoming generation is supposed to be the smartest yet, their educations furthered by the advancements in information and psychological research to better teaching methods that were realized in my generation; I know that my cousin has just entered middle school and they're starting to teach him Algebra, a class I didn't take until high school. But they're such insolent little buggers that they don't realize that their actions now—from texting in class to lewd MySpace pictures—are slowly damning them to a bleak future. They don't get that by sitting in class they're both learning valuable information and learning how to listen properly, take notes properly, and follow directions properly. They don't understand that employers now are searching the more popular social networking sites to find out things about their applicants that they didn't put on their resumes, like how much they drink on the weekend or how likely they are to share vital information; if you're not shy about putting something as private as images of your naked body out for everyone to see, how shy are you going to be about putting classified information out there? Not that the better part of the generation would care anyway.

No respect has been instilled into them. No sense of delaying gratification to reap a better reward. No big picture thinking. No concept of self-sacrifice for the greater good. Society has been so hung up on self-esteem and feelings and sensitivity that the children have no self-censorship, no fear. They know if a parent even threatens to discipline them in any way—note that not all punishments are physical—they can just call Child Services, a number which is surely on the speed dials of their cell phones, and that parent will be castigated for trying to keep their child in check.

So what is our future going to be like? How will things be when these members of Generation Me get their seats in Congress? At the heads of corporate tables as CEOs? In their positions as Ambassadors? I, for one, can all too easily imagine wars being started over the popular "What's mine is mine and what's yours is mine" mentality. Can you picture it? Hundreds, thousands of lives lost over some petty argument between world leaders who used to be BFFs.

I'm not even going to touch on to the rampant idiocy of the generation or shrinking attention spans of millions of children; it's too long a rant already. But I will willingly admit that the rampant egoism is enough to make me long to not live past 30.